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DaVinci Vaporizers

DaVinci Portable Marijuana Vaporizers

DaVinci brings us their last generation portable vaporizers. Satiate your hunger for smoke by simply vaporizing and make the most of your weed by selecting temperature accurately. Made of the best materials and with long lasting batteries, they are real portable vaporizers.

The DaVinci vaporizer is one of the first portable vaporizers that started to use lithium batteries, which increased their lifespan notably. Another incorporation was being able to regulate temperature degree by degree, so that the density of the steam and the duration of weed in the bowl are totally dependable on the user. It has two filling chambers, one for marijuana and another one for essential oils, so it covers a large range of products that can be vaporized. It heats up quickly so that our vaporizer will be ready to be used in a few seconds. It is one of the most satisfying portable vaporizers.

Then, the Ascent came out. It is an improved version of the DaVinci. The design is much smaller so we save a good weight to carry in our pocket. It incorporates technological improvements such as the inhalation tube made of borosilicate to guarantee a clean and unaltered flavour. The pieces required to heat up the weed are reduced to their minimum expression, so cleaning is easier. The bowl has gone from being made of stainless steel to ceramic, achieving a much better taste and a more homogeneous heating. Our weed will heat up everywhere in a uniform manner, so we won't get burnt weed at the bottom while the top part one is still green. A digital screen displays both the selection of temperature and the remaining battery, so you are kept up to date constantly. After 10 min of use a safety system will turn the vaporizer off, to avoid it to overheat and to save battery.

If one of your DaVinci vaporizers needs any spare part, such as the inhalation tube, you will find them in our catalogue. Keep your vaporizer as if it were new and prolong its lifespan thanks to spare pieces. You can use the essential oils chamber to vaporize your best extractions. If the charger breaks down and you can't load your battery you can always buy a new DaVinci charger in our website. All pieces are original parts by DaVinci to keep a maximum quality.