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Pulsar Range Modular Vape

Pulsar Range Modular Vape

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Fuzion Vaporizers

Fuzion Vaporizers

Fuzion brings us many models of vaporizers and of very different prices so that everybody can access the world of THC vapor. These vaporizers are ideal to get into the marijuana vapor world without spending much money though they don't make the most of weed. Ideal to have a good time or as a gift for a smoker friend.

When properly used it is possible to get more vapor, but otherwise it can be difficult to make vapor. What we do is bending it a bit while we inhalate so that weed touches a bit the resistance and thus, when breathing in hot air runs through the weed. If it is not slightly bent when we breathe in, weed moves with the air and stays under the cover, and then we only inhalate hot air.

Each model presents different properties and designs, but they all work in a similar manner. They all work by plugging them directly to the electric power network until they reach high temperatures but the problems come from the fact of us inhaling too quickly. When we do this the air we breath hasn't enough time to heat up before running through the weed and this is why we bend it and take advantage of the heat of the resistance when breathing in.

The most common one is the wooden AVR102. It is a simple -in both use and design- vaporizer. It consists of a wooden box with a resistance that heats up until reaching the preset degrees we want. It has a digital screen that displays the temperature we have selected and all we have to do is increasing or lowering it by means of small arrows. When it is ready we'll connect the hose with the marijuana and start to breath in.

The KBX vaporizer has many similar characteristics, such as temperature selection and a digital screen but with a more modern touch. Its design is nicer though it works very similarly. It comes with exclusive designs such as the checkered one or the one with skulls. The choice is totally random since you don't know which one you'll get until you open the box.

VP 350 is very similar to the former ones, but it has a great advantage when compared to them. The resistance in this vaporizer is not straight but slightly bent upwards. This helps a lot to improve the vaporizing and it is not to bend it so much when breathing in (though it is still necessary).

The Galaxy Vaporizer is the best one, since the resistance is set directly upwards so all the heat will come through your weed and all the vapor through the hose. It has several accessories to connect to your bong or your water pipe. In this way you will get a fresher vapor.

Hoses have two glass pieces and one is more important than the other. The one where we put the weed is the one that breaks up usually since when leaving it on the table or pulling from the hose or removing the vaporizer cracks easily. These are fina glass pieces and besides, they are hot, so a small torsion or a little of extra strain will make them break. We have spare hoses so that you can keep on using your vaporizer even if these pieces break. 

If you are looking for a simple and economical vaporizer, knowing that you aren't purchasing the best in the market, Fuzion might be perfect for you. You will find all Fuzion vaporizers in a single section, all of them with a detailed description about temperatures or the information displayed by the screens.