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Regular Buddha Seeds

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Regular Buddha Seeds

Regular Autoflowering Seeds Buddha Seeds

Buddha Seeds | The Best Reg Autoflowering Strains

Buddha Seeds is a seed bank that works with high quality autoflowering plants, including best-sellers such as Magnum and Deimos. Now, they've created regular autoflowering versions of their strains so that you can grow males and females of your favorite strains or create our own autoflowering hybrids.

High-yielding Regular Autoflowering Seeds

Auto Red Dwarf Red Seeds

Red Dwarf is a strain that results in short plants that are ready after more or less 60 days after germination. Plants exhibit a decent central cola and 4 or 6 side branches with small buds at the tips. Red Dwarf's taste is very similar to Skunk and, though relaxing, it is not as sedating as other strains, which makes it ideal for the recreational smoker. These are all very sought-after characteristics in indoor-grown plants. Also, since these plants are short, they are capable of absorbing much more light. All this will result in well-developed and highly productive plants in a grow tent.

Auto White Dwarf Seeds

White Dwarf is very similar to Red Dwarf, but instead of having a Skunky muddy taste, its flavor is rather citric. We assume, due to its characteristics, that it contains some White Widow genes. It has a very pronounced relaxing effect inherited from its two powerful Indica parental strains, who remain anonymous. White Dwarf will produce short and discreet plants, ideal for indoor growing or for watering them outdoors discreetly.

Auto Syrup Regular Seeds

Syrup is a seed that grows light green plants with amazing flavors and plenty of resin. If you are looking for great plants to make resin extracts from, this is the plant for you. It can also be crossed with other strains, contributing a candy-like taste and a large amount of resin even on the largest leaves.

Auto Magnum Regular Seeds

Magnum is one of the stars in Buddha Seeds' catalogue; this plant is like no other autoflowering plant. It produces specimens which are tall and large and that can yield up to 200g of weed in only 3 months. There are males and females in regular format which can be crossed among each other or with other strains to add its characteristics: an incensed taste, high productivity or early flowering, starting 30 days after germination. If you decide to grow this strain, you'll be growing a plant which requires minimal care and still yields a lot.

Auto Deimos Regular Seeds

Deimos is another of their most renowned autoflowering strains. This strain has been around for quite a while. Even at the beginning of the autoflowering market, when you could only find poor little plants which would barely yield enough weed for a couple of joints, Deimos arrived and earned its reputation immediately. It produces plants with an incensed flavor that are quite similar to Amnesia and look just like seasonal plants, only 3 months after germination. Nobody could believe it at first, but some years afterwards they are still leading the autoflowering market and now they are also available in regular format.

Auto Magnum Regular Seeds

With Magnum you'll be able to provide specific characteristics to your new hybrid such as compact and resinous buds, a strong taste and long colas of buds. This strain never disappoints, check for yourself at home!

If you are interested in the world of hybrids, the new strains provided by Buddha Seeds will give you a good genetic pool to start experimenting on your own. You can cross autoflowering with feminized types and thus obtain very quick seasonal plants to grow indoors, or get autoflowering plants with a longer growing stage that won't stay tiny. Design customized strains in your garden or grow tent.

Get regular autoflowering strains by Buddha Seeds at the best price at GrowBarato where we enjoy discounts from all seed banks. You can buy packs of 10 or 50 units at unbeatable prices with which you can get a whole lot of seeds. In our catalogue you will find a description of all strains with an assessment by our team so you can know how they will respond before you germinate them. We want to let you know as much as we can about the variety you're buying.