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Bio Tabs

Organic fertilizers for marijuana in tabs

Bio Tabs is a type of organic fertilizer directly placed in the flowerpots when these are  filled with the substrate which we'll allow the grower to be care-free and only worry about the irrigation of the plants. This is the ideal system for people using the Autopot system.

Say goodbye to the air pumps in the nutrients tanks. Now, you will be able to put a tab, buried at 5cm from the surface of the flowerpot and irrigate the plants only with water during all the stages. Easy to use for beginners and one less thing to worry for the expert grower, this system doesn't compromise quality at all.

Bio Tabs are slow release fertilizers, used in our plants at the time of potting and which only require ulterior watering. They are 100% organic, so our crops will benefit from the best quality and taste.

The first thing you have to add to your soil is Mycrotex, a collection of beneficial fungi that will help with the expansion of the roots. By colonizing the radicular system they will improve nutrient absorption. Along with Bactrex, your plants will feed as never before, while the bacteria and the molds of the Trichoderma family will help to get  heavy and tasty yields, as you've always wanted.

Startrex is particularly useful at the preliminary stages of the plant. It will boost the original development of plants which won't stop during all the process. 

Bio Tabs tabs will provide the plants with the rest of nutrients required by the plant during its lifespan, supplying a complete and natural "food" that will be slowly released into the substrate, as days go by. Their action is sustained and long-lasting.

Orgatrext is the flowering stimulator used along with Bio Tabs and that will help to achieve many more flowers at the beginning of the flowering phase. A larger number of flowers to be fatten will result in heavier yields. Besides, the buds will appear in longer colas, with short internodes and will be, on the whole, denser. Thus, our plants will receive light from all over resulting in better quality flowers.

In short, a fertilizing solution for those growers who cannot spend much time on their plants, for those who aren't really "green-thumbed" or even those aiming at a fully-automatized system. Used along an irrigation system such as Autopot, you will not have to worry about your plants or fertilizing during virtually all the growing cycle.