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Kalumet vaporizers

Marijuana and BHO vaporizers Kalumet

Kalumet Vaporizers is a vaporization brand producing portable devices for BHO and marijuana. With a battery, they will help you benefit from the positive effects of marijuana without enduring the harmful ones due to combustion. They come in different models to suit your taste and needs, since this depends on what we want them for. Look for the one that better matches your needs and trust this brand that was a pioneer in the world of marijuana and BHO vaporizers.

Weeda vaporizer is on the easiest to use marijuana vaporizers and its battery lasts long time. A button will enable us to choose between 3 different vaporization temperatures. A LED will display the selected temperature and when it is ready to vaporize it will let us know by changing color . We will put our weed inside, select temperature and after a short wait of 1 min we'll get our vaporizer ready to be used.

The Naira vaporizer will help us to vaporize oils anywhere. By pressing a button we'll be ready to vaporize our BHO. It has a glass hood from which we'll see the bowl and the resistance, so that it is very easy to tell whether vapor is ready or if there isn't any material to vaporize. Very easy to use, all you have to do is pulling the hood and put some BHO inside. Press the button, wait for a few seconds and wait for vapor to build up inside before you can start to inhalate. It lasts a long time and can be easily charged through any USB port or wall plug. It is also one of the smallest vaporizers of Kalumet.

THe Wakan is a vaporizer for those who want something more than a portable pipe. It has several menus and submenus where we can completely customize our vaporizer, choosing for the working voltage of of the battery to the W we want to direct towards the resistance. A total control over the vaporizer so it vaporizes at your will. It comes with a bowl to vaporize BHO but we can also purchase the T2 head to vaporize dry weed. The menu includes a puff counter so that you can estimate how long the battery lasts. You can regulate in OMS the power of the resistance and the W we want it to use, in order to make the most of your battery or save it's running out. All of this can be seen in a screen within the vaporizer itself. It is one of the most appealing products.

All Kalumet vaporizers come with tools to help us with the cleaning and dosing such as brushes, dabbers and small boxes to keep and carry oils. If you need any spare part you'll certainly find it in our wide catalogue of resistances and batteries, so that you can keep you vaporizer as if it were new for a long time.