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Marijuana and BHO vaporizers Kalumet

Kalumet Vaporizers are portable pocket vaporizers for cannabis and BHO that are battery-operated. You can use these devices to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without the downside of combustion when burning a joint. You’re sure to find a vape that covers your needs, whether you’re looking to vape cannabis flowers or BHO flowers.

The Weeda vaporizer is one of the easiest vapes to use and its battery lasts quite a while. You can use the button to choose between its three different temperatures when vaping. The LED lights indicate the temperature that you’re on, and once it’s ready to use it’ll change color. Simply place your weed inside, choose your temperature, wait for about a minute and you can begin vaping!

The Naira vaporizer can be used to vape cannabis extracts anywhere you want; with a simple push of a button, you can easily enjoy your BHO. It has a glass bubble which is where the weed goes, and you’ll be able to see it as it gets vaped – much easier to figure out if it’s ready to vape or not. It’s super easy to use; place some BHO in the bowl and close the bubble back up. Press the button for a few seconds until you see the vapor begin to form and inhale. This device is easily charged in any USB port, and its battery-life is quite durable. It’s one of the smallest Kalumet vapes.

The Wakan is a vaporizer designed for those looking for something a bit more than a normal portable pipe. It has various menus and sub-menus that you can use to completely personalize your vaporizer; from the strength to the watts used to heat the coil. Consumers can fully customize their device, allowing for the best, personalized vape experience. It comes with a bowl that you can use to vape BHO, although we also stock the T2 accessory which allows you to vape dried cannabis flowers. You can adjust the strength and heat of the coil so you can adjust how much weed is used up or even adjust it to increase battery-life. You can even set it to count the amount of times you inhale so you can see how long your weed lasts at certain temperatures.

All of the Kalumet vaporizers come with cleaning accessories and other accessories such as dabbers and brushes. If you need any spare parts, we have a wide selection of vaporizer spares in our catalogue such as batteries and atomizers – keep your device working perfectly!