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THC Products

THC Products - additives and fertilizers

THC’s fertilizers and additives for cannabis are some of the best alternative products that we’ve ever tried. These affordable, potent products come in powdered format, such as their Epson salts, dolomite, silicone gel and their famous Guerrilla Grow. These quality additives can help your plants reach a whole new level.

Epson salts are used to give your plants’ substrate a little extra magnesium and sulfur, which is incredibly useful during the flowering period. You’ll be able to see the results with your own eyes; beautiful, green strong flowers that just keep growing. Dolomite is used to give your substrate a bit more oomf, as well as stabilize its pH, allowing your plants to absorb nutrients more efficiently. It has a little extra calcium and magnesium, too.

Their silicone gel is used to absorb extra humidity from the environment, making it perfect for indoors grows. It’s also great for using when you’re drying your plants. You’ll know when it’s starting to lose its effect, because it’ll start going blue.

Their most famous product is called Guerrilla Grow. This additive can keep humidity in soil for much longer, which is super helpful if you don’t have much time to tend to your plants or if you plant on growing guerrilla style. You won’t have to water your plants as often.

THC products are great for cannabis plants and produce some pretty spectacular results without being too intense for fragile plants. These powdered additives are definitely something every grower should have on their shelf.