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El Alquimista

El Alquimista

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Samsara Seeds

Samsara Seeds offers classic seed crosses

Samsara Seeds is a seed bank that was founded with one thing in mind: bringing growers hybrids and strains created by themselves. Based on the personal interests and tastes of thousands of growers and users of medicinal and recreational marijuana, they created strains and hybrids which are very difficult to find in any other bank. They made many trips themselves to find landrace strains, selecting only plants with the wanted characteristics, achieving unique and exclusive specimens.

Thanks to Samsara you can grow exotic seeds

El Alquimista is one of their most famous strains, the result of a combination between Ak47 and Northern Lights. It leads to plants which are very easy to grow by any standards. Beginners will find that this plant that grows quite well regardless of experience, getting a good quality without needing to feed it too many nutrients. A regular watering schedule and good light will be enough for them to grow, both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, we will get short and wide plants, occupying quite a lot of lateral space. We must set 4 plants per m2, so that they grow well and don't reach the spot. We can restrain them with a SCROG mesh and increase the production but even without it we will get quite a high weight. Outdoors, we will get plants that look like a fir tree, with lateral branches that enlarge the plant and give it that chandelier look. We will get long buds in the branches, very heavy, so you'll definitely need to train the branches.

If you are looking for exotic strains you've never seen before to try new flavors, Samsara Seeds has the ideal strain for you. Find the plant that suits your crop best, or with the taste or effect you prefer. Use our reviews for guidance and purchase them, knowing you are buying them at the best price. Indeed, thanks to our permanent discounts we can bring you the best seeds at very affordable prices.