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Vaporizers and replacements

Vaporizers and miscellaneous spare parts

Marijuana and BHO vaporizers of several brands and spare parts for many vaporizer models. Here, you'll find from the classic marijuana wooden vaporizer and its spare hose to the desktop vaporizer Zephyr Ion, one the best economical vaporizers with bag. Enjoy vapor with any of these vaporizers and say goodbye to combustion.

Get the marijuana, hash or BHO vaporizer that suits your budget best. Indeed, in this section there are vaporizers of all prices, brands and models. You'll find from the most economical ones like the BHO Deluxe pipette to vaporizers with bag that will make the most of your weed such as Herbalaire H3.

Also, you'll find spare parts for your vaporizers such as new mouthpieces for your DGK vaporizer or a hose with bowl for wooden vaporizers. A whole catalogue of spare pieces so that you keep your vaporizer as if it were new.

Pipette BHO Deluxe is an e-pipe that helps us to vaporize BHO. These pipes are very easy to use and will help us vaporize your BHO anywhere. it charges by means of a USB connection very quickly. Thanks to its locking system it won't turn on while you carry it in your pocket.

The Electronic pipe 3 in 1 Arthur is very similar to the BHO Deluxe, but it has several interchangeable bowls to use a different one according to the substance you want to vaporize. For instance, there is a bowl with a resistance for BHO which will vaporize in a few seconds. Then, there is another one for hash that will get you a good time of smoke with a small amount of hash. Finally, there is another one for herbs. The problem with that one, is that with this type of resistance weed might ignite -which, on the other hand, is more satiating for the smoker.

There are other portable marijuana vaporizers such as the DGK which is one of the more discreet portable models and more satisfying at the same time. All you have to do is turning it on so that it starts to heat up and, in less than 1 min it will reach the highest temperature. There are 3 different levels of temperature that can be selected by keeping the button pressed for 5 secs. The bowl will manage to heat up weed homogeneously and will provide a uniform vapor (preventing the bottom weed to burn out while the top part is still green). Its battery lasts a lot and this is what makes it one of the best models to carry with you at all times.

VapoMax vaporizers differ from the rest in the resistance heating speed, since it manages to reach very high temperatures in a matter of seconds. The VapoMax V.5 is the most economical one but it is already quite good. A pilot will help us to select one of the three levels of temperature to get a vapor up to our taste. The Vapo Max V.8 is the one that will guarantee a maximum precision in terms of temperature selection, allowing us to increase it degree by degree. By getting much higher temperatures this model is more satisfying for regular smokers. Its digital screen displays the selected temperature, the current one and the remaining battery among other options.

The vaporizer Lolite is one of the most sought after. It works on gas which makes it much more lasting (depending on the gas we carry with us). It heats up very quickly and thus it will provide us with a dense vapor that other devices won't get us. All you have to do is fill the bowl with weed and wait for it to be hot. When it reaches this point a pilot close to the start button will turn on meaning it is ready to vaporize. There is another model, called Wispr, which basically has the same design but incorporates a few improvements. We'll be able to vaporize for much longer since the filling chamber is bigger and there is also room for more gas (up to 3hr of vaporization).

The vaporizer Arizer Solo is one of the most recommendable vaporizers for regular smokers since it is very satisfying and produces a dense smoke. It will allow you to have an absolute control of temperature so you can choose between a denser smoke (shorter duration of marijuana) or a softer one (which will make marijuana last longer). it has 7 levels of temperature as opposed to most models which only have 3. Vapor is inhaled through a borosilicate pipe to guarantee an unaltered flavour. You'll enjoy your vapor at its maximum both at home or anywhere since it can also be carried around (up to 40 min battery).

The Herbalaire H3 is a desktop vaporizer to get much more vapor than vaporizers without bag. A current of 16 air jets passing through your marijuana will fill a balloon with the vapor of your marijuana from which you'll be able to inhale for 15 min. There is also the option of absorbing vapor through a hose, although the balloon is more advisable for a fresher taste. The range of temperatures to choose among is wider, and the level of temperature can be chosen by means of an analogue wheel. It will never go beyond 200°C in order to avoid combustion and it will turn off automatically if need be.

The Zephyr Ion is another of the vaporizers for marijuana that works with a bag and is one of the models that make the most of your marijuana. A digital screen will allow us to select the ideal temperature with two buttons. The screen will start to blink until it reaches the selected temperature and the screen will go from red to green and become steady when the selected temperature is reached. Then, we'll set the balloon and press the air button and in a matter of seconds, our balloon will be filled with vapor. It will be a satisfying vapor able to quench the thirst for smoke of any regular smoker.

Look inside our catalogue and select the vaporizer that suits your needs best just to get it at the best price in the market. In our catalogue you'll find permanent discounts. All products come with a detailed description where we tell you its best mode of employment, what it is used for and all its main characteristics so you get a better idea of what you are about to purchase. Some models are more satisfying than others so read well the descriptions and won't choose the wrong ones.