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Volcano Vaporizers and Accessories

Volcano Vaporizers, Spare Parts & Accessories

In this section you will find your Volcano vaporizer along with many accessories and spare parts. Volcano is a reliable brand and they have been in the market for more than 15 years. If, hard as it is, a piece breaks down, you can always find your spare parts at From filling chamber grids to the bags containing vapor.

Volcano vaporizers are some of the best in the market not to say they are directly the best. They provide a satiating vapor for any regular or casual smoker, which will depend on the density desired by the user. Vapor is gathered inside a bag from which it is absorbed little by little and for 15 min before it loses its quality. The vaporizer consist of a ceramic body with a pump pushing the air from the outside to inside a balloon, and it is the pass of hot air that heats marijuana and vaporizes the cannabinoids, bringing them inside the balloon. 

This system makes the most of your weed, and just half a gram would be enough for filling more than 4 times the vapor bag with a density similar to the smoke of a regular joint. This means that with the amount of weed employed in a single joint it is possible to get the effect of smoking 4 by vaporizing the product.

Besides getting a lot of vapor from a small quantity of marijuana, our body will absorb it better, since when it is vaporized our body can assimilate up to 90% of the cannabinoids of the original plant, ie. almost all of them. You will enjoy much more the vapor and will notice the nuances of flavor much more than in any other vaporizer.

There are two models of Volcano vaporizer: the digital and the analogue. The analogue is the oldest one: by means of a simple wheel temperature is selected and a few minutes after, the device is ready to start filling the bag with vapor. The digital counterpart is more precise with the desired temperature and it is ideal to vaporize at a specific level of temperature and absorb cannabinoids better.

Both are used likewise. First of all, temperature has to be selected. Secondly, the start button has to be be pressed so the device starts to heat up. Once hot, an orange pilot will turn on, showing the device is ready to start filling bags. All we have to do is set the filling chamber with the weed on it and the balloon on the top part and press the green button. You can leave it hot and use that balloon to fill in another one, or you can turn it off to keep on vaporizing a short time later. Whether we leave it on or off, the best is removing the filling chamber if we are not filling the balloon so that weed vapor is not consumed while we aren't filling.

Then, there are other portable vaporization systems by the same brand. One of them is the one called Plenty, the most satiating portable vaporizer for regular smokers. It produces tasty vapor puffs that can also be adjusted in terms of temperature. All we have to do is wait for it to reach the selected temperature and press the trigger, so that vapor starts to come out of the tube. It has to be plugged in order to work, but it is nonetheless much easier to carry around than the Volcano.

The brand has two battery portable marijuana vaporizers, the Crafty and the Mighty. Both work similarly but display some differences that make them unique. The mighty has a digital screen, where we can see the state of the battery, select the temperature of the vaporizer or tell if that selected temperature has already been reached.

The Crafty is linked to a mobile phone through an application, so that it's possible to can check on our phone the current temperature and desired vaporization temperature. It is possible to provide a temperature boost that will make the device reach 215°C. If we have already set the desired temperature we won't need our phone any more, since a LED will tell us when it is ready for vaporizing. If you want to give that temperature boost we'll have to press the start button twice. 

If you need spare parts you can choose them among a wide catalogue of spare pieces for Volcano vaporizers. Find grids for vaporizing oils, bags or new balloons, filling chambers or any other deteriorated piece at the best price. Enjoy our appealing discounts at Each product or piece comes with a detailed description so you won't make any mistake and start vaporizing hassle-free from the moment you get your material at home.