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Pepita Marijuana and BHO portable vaporizers

Pepita portable marijuana and BHO vaporizers

Portable vaporizers Pepita, for marijuana but particularly intended for your BHO extractions since Pepita Seeds is, as you know, a bank specialized in extractions and its consumption. Though the devices are portable they are very powerful and will help you vaporize oil and hash very easily. Batteries last a long time and there are spare parts for all their components, so whichever you choose it will be a right choice.

Calima is a marijuana vaporizer for weed resin and it is totally portable. A button located in the middle  will give you access to several options, from blocking it to selecting any of its 3 levels of temperature. This makes it simple for the user to try and choose the vaporizing temperature that suits better his taste. All you have to do is press the button 5 times and then hold it for 3-4 secs until the LED changes its color which will mean temperature has changed. When the light becomes green, it will be ready to vaporize. Once we are done, we can press the button 5 times again in order to turn it off and block it.

The model called Pejula is ideal for vaporizing BHO since this system does not use much battery and lasts a long time. It consists of a bowl with a resistance inside a glass hood, so that it is possible to see the oil at all times and tell whether it is being consumed or it is still generating vapor. The head of the device can be mounted on an e-cigarette battery so if you run out of battery you can take the battery of any electrical cigarette and keep on using it.

The Bocana is one of the most widely used products since it has different bowls for different products (BHO, hash or marijuana pipe). Depending on the head we mount on it, resistance or heating method will vary and the best vaporization method will be used. It is charged through any USB port in any device and though it only lasts between 20-40 min it will charge very quickly and everywhere. It can be used while being connected to the charger so it won't be a problem to use it for a long time as long as it is connected to a charger.

The Siroco is one of the most discreet models of vaporizers in the market since it looks like an e-cigarette when in truth, it can vaporize BHO or hash. Depending on the material to vaporize you can use any of the two interchangeable bowls. A small amount of hash and oil will provide us with long vapor puffs. The battery is one of its main strengths since it provides up to a continuous use of 1 hr.

Pepita P1 atomizer is one of the best sold models to vaporize BHO, due to its accessible price and versatility. Used to vaporize BHO it can also be used as a marijuana pipe with a small amount of weed. It consists of a interchangeable bowl with a resistance and will turn red-hot in a matter or 1-2 secs. It charges quickly through any USB connection and though it battery only lasts between 30-40 min, it can also be used while charging. A blocking system will prevent it from turning on accidentally while it is inside your pocket. The button itself has a pilot that will tell us that the vaporizer is very hot and we have to wait for a long time until we can use it again, if the battery is running out or if its completely charged.

If you need any component or spare part of your Pepita vaporizer such as bowls or resistances you will find it here at unbeatable prices. As always, products come with detailed descriptions explaining how to use them and detailing their properties so you won't encounter any problem when you receive your vaporizing material.