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Pepita P1 Vaporizer

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Pepita’s pocket vaporizers for cannabis and, specifically, BHO extracts are quite the accomplishment – Pepita Seeds is a seed bank that specializes in cannabis extracts and consuming them.

Calima is a vape used for cannabis, allowing you to vape the resin from your buds anywhere you want thanks to its small size. Simply press the main button five times in a row to turn it on. Once you’ve filled it with your herb, you’ll need to hold the button and inhale. It comes with a bowl for flowers and another bowl for extracts and resins.

The Pejula vaporizer is perfect for vaping BHO; it doesn’t use up much battery life and can last for a while without being charged. The bowl that comes with the Pejula vaporizer has the coil inside and looks like a glass bubble so that you can see how your extract is doing at all times. You can also use the top part of this vape with almost any vaporizer battery.

The Bocana is one of the most used vaporizers around, and it also comes with a series of special bowls for different BHO extracts, hash and for cannabis. All of the different types of bowls are made using different materials, depending on what they’re for. This device is easily charged using any USB inlet. It only works for about 20-40 minutes, although it takes no time at all to charge. Plus, you can use it when it’s charging too, so there’s no need to worry if it turns off in the middle of a sesh.

The Siroco vaporizer is one of the most discreet vapes by this brand; it looks just like an electronic-cigarette but in reality it’s for vaporizing hash or BHO. It comes with two different bowls which you’ll need to use depending on what you’re planning on vaping. With just a small amount of hash or oil you’ll be able to create large amounts of vapor. Its battery can last up to one whole hour.

The Pepita P1 is one of the most-sold vapes used for BHO due to how affordable yet versatile that it is. It’s used to vape BHO, although you can also use it to vape a small amount of cannabis. It comes with a bowl that you can switch out for a coil which heats up red-hot within just two seconds. It’s super easy to charge using the USB cable, although the battery only lasts around 30-40 minutes – you can, however, use it when it’s charging. Thanks to its safety backup system, it won’t accidentally turn on in your pocket. The color of the button itself indicates low battery, temperature etc.

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