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Essenz BHO Bubble Atomizer

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Essenz Vaporizers

Essenz Vaporizers

Essenz is an electronic cigarette brand that also makes vaporizers. They stock various different models, so you’re guaranteed to find one that’s close to what you’re looking for. They stock models for vaping cannabis on its own, models for hash, BHO vapes and some that can even vape all three materials. All Essenz vaporizers are portable and have long-lasting chargeable batteries.

We stock cheaper, more affordable models such as the VapBox and the Vapipe – just because they aren’t expensive doesn’t mean that they’re bad. The only thing about these vapes is that they don’t make the most of your weed, but if you don’t have the best budget, they’re still a great choice. They come with chargeable batteries that you’ll need to charge with the included standard charger. These batteries heat up the coil and begin evaporating the resin on your plants – press the battery in to heat up your extract and release pressure once it’s heated enough. If you’re a smoker, this won’t satiate you much, however if you don’t like to smoke you’ll enjoy it.

Essenz are incredibly good at making portable cannabis vaporizers; they have various different models for everyone’s’ needs. The easiest one to use is the Vapherb, an incredibly discreet and easy to use cannabis vaporizer. All you have to do is fill the bowl with weed and turn the vape on so it starts to heat up. It only has one button that you can use to adjust the temperature and vape – hold the button down to change the temperature. You’ll know its changed temperature once it changes color.

Another of their more simple models is the Essenz Micro, a portable cannabis vaporizer that works wonderfully. This small vape is super discreet, and nobody will probably even realize that it’s a vaporizer. It only has one temperature, so all you have to do is press the on button and wait for it to change color – that’s when it’ll be ready to use. It’s not the best model but it’s still capable of satiating smokers.

The Essenz Multi vape is definitely their most-sold vape – you can adjust the temperature and it has a digital screen where you can see the temp and battery life. Thanks to being adjustable, you can decide how much vapor you want to produce, and how hot you want to vape your cannabis at. It has three temperature levels; all you have to do is press the SET button to set the temperature. Lift up the little hood inside and place your cannabis in the designed container. Now you’ll have to wait about 2 minutes for it to reach the desired temperature before you can use.

If you prefer to vape extracts such as BHO or hash, Essenz also stocks various vapes that can help you out. These are some of the most consumed substances using vaporizers. One of the most-sold models is the Vapen, a cannabis vaporizer that looks like an e-cigarette. You can use it to vape hash or a small amount of cannabis. Its coil comes into contact with the material that you put in it, which means you shouldn’t use it with flowers but if you do you’ll get a slight burn, which might be satiating for smokers. It’s perfect for hash, lasting quite a while with a small amount, producing a decent amount of vapor. It takes no time at all to charge and it has a battery life indicator so that you can know when you need to charge it.

The Essenz THC vape is perfect for hash, cannabis and even BHO – it won’t burn your cannabis at all, it simply heats it up. It comes with two different bowls that you can switch out; the one with the coil on the outside is for your cannabis, so that it doesn’t come into contact with it. The bowl for BHO and hash has the coil on the inside, where it can come into contact and evaporate your extract easily. It has a long-lasting lithium battery that’s super easy to charge in pretty much any USB port, like any normal e-cigarette.

If you prefer to vape extracts, Essenz stocks three different vapes made specifically for vaping that are guaranteed to satisfy even smokers. The Essenz BHO is their most affordable model and one that many BHO-heads tend to use – all you have to do is attach a bubbler to your electronic cigarette battery and you’re ready to go! Lift up the bubbler and put your oil or BHO inside. Turn your battery on and you’ll see the bubbler filling with vapor – you’re ready to vape.

Essenz Wax is a small, discreet vape that nobody will suspect for a second. It has a clip like most pens, so you can keep it in your pocket and keep it clipped so that you don’t accidentally lose it. To use it all you have to do is hold the button down for a bit until it begins to evaporate and then take a drag. It’s super easy to clean, as you don’t need to go to deep – if you try clean the bowl or coil too much or too hard you may accidentally damage it, so be gentle.

Essenz Oil is a vape that can be used to vape BHO; it’s incredibly discreet, nobody will suspect for a second that it’s a BHO vape. You can vape your extracts wherever you want, and its lithium ion battery means that you won’t have to charge it too often; one of the best ways to consume BHO extracts.

Whatever vaporizer you’re looking for, we’re guaranteed to have an Essenz model that matches up with exactly what you’re looking for. We stock both the vaporizers and all of their spare parts so that you can replace any parts as needed. Each product comes with a specific description in which we explain how to use the product in question. However, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch! Amazing offers and prices.