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Essenz Vaporizadores de Bolsillo

Marijuana Portable Vaporizers Essenz

Essenz is a brand of vaporizers and electronic cigarettes with tens of models. Some models can vaporize dry weed, others are intended for hash, some are good for BHO extractions while others can vaporize the former three. All of them are portable and use a long lasting rechargeable battery. 

There are economical models such as the VapBox and the Vapipe that despite their low price aren't of a bad quality. Those vaporizers won't make the most of weed, but are all just fine if you want to enjoy vapor for little money. They are rechargeable batteries that we charge with the included charger and heat up a resistance that will evaporate the resin of the weed that's in the bowl. By pressing the battery towards the inside the resistance will light up and heat up at your will.  Once it is hot, you can release pressure on the battery so that it turns off. If you are a regular smoker it might not satiate you much, but if you don't like smoking that much you will appreciate the vapor.

Marijuana portable vaporizers are one of their strong products and the brand brings several models to satisfy diverse needs. The simplest one is the Vapherb: a marijuana vaporizer both simple and discreet. All we have to do is filling the bowl with weed and light the vaporizer up so it becomes hot. It only has 1 button, so it is super easy to operate. By maintaining pressure for a few seconds temperature will change from one mode to the next (there are three preset temperatures). When the selected temperature is reached it will change color telling us our vaporizer is ready to be used.

Another of the simplest vaporizers for marijuana is the Essenz Micro, a portable marijuana vaporizer that works quite well. It is like a hip flask that holds the vaporizing system and the bowl in a very discreet design that won't let anybody imagine it is a vaporizer. There is just one option of temperature. All you have to do is pressing a button and wait for the light to change, which means the vaporizer is ready to be used. It vaporizes marijuana and though it is not one of the best models, it will satiate a smoker.

The Essenz Multi is the best sold model by the brand. Temperature can be adjusted and it has a digital screen to show temperature and remaining battery. This leaves the user the capacity of controlling vapor as well as marijuana and battery duration. There are 3 levels of temperature and all you have to do is pressing the button SET to select it. Then, open up the hood, introduce your marijuana and wait for the vaporizer to reach the selected temperature. In 1-2 min our vaporizer will be ready to be used.

If you prefer to consume extractions of hash or BHO you also have several options within the offer by Essenz. Consuming these substances has become increasingly more popular. One of the most widely used is the Vapen, a vaporizer with the looks of a electronic cigarette that will allow us to vaporize hash or a small amount of weed. It has a resistance that is in permanent contact with the material, so, in case it is weed, this might be slightly burnt (but the smoke will be more satiating). It is ideal for hash, since a small amount of hash will be enough to provide quite a long time of smoke and taste. It charges quickly and has a battery pilot to tell us the level of remaining battery while we smoke.

The vaporizer Essenz THC can be used with dry weed and also BHO or hash, but unlike Vapen, it doesn't burn the weed and only heats it. It has two interchangeable bowls, each of them with a resistance. The one for dry weed has the resistance inside to avoid direct contact with the weed. The BHO and hash bowl has a resistance that touches the material directly so that it is vaporized easily. It has a lithium battery that is very long lasting and can be reloaded easily in any USB port as a regular e-cigarette.

If your thing is BHO extractions, there are 3 oil vaporizers that will certainly quench your thirst for smoke. The BHO vaporizer is one of the most economical ones and widely used by BHO fans since all you have to do is connect the cover to a e-cigarette battery and start to enjoy its vapor. Lift the cover and put your oil inside: only by lighting up your e-cigarette you will see how vapor builds up inside. All you have to do it inhalate to absorb the cannabinoids. 

Essenz Wax is a small and disguisable vaporizer that will raise no suspicion. It has a clip similar to pen caps to attach it to your pockets and carry it with you. Every time you want a puff all you have to do is press a button for a few seconds until oil starts to evaporate and smoke. It is very easy to clean since all you have to clean is the outside. If you insist on cleaning the bowl to roughly you will most likely end up ruining the battery and will have to buy a new vaporizer.

The Essenz Oil is a vaporizer that will help us to evaporate BHO with a discreet design that won't make it look as what it is and won't raise any suspicion about its content. You will get to evaporate BHO anywhere. Despite its small size, the battery lasts long time since it's made of lithium. It is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways of using your oil without blowtorches or voluminous pipes.

Whatever portable vaporizer you are looking for, you will find it in the section of Essenz vaporizers. Vaporizers as well as spare parts and accessories of all models so you can keep yours as if it were new for a long time. All of them come with a detailed explanation about how to use it, clean it and which substances to use with, among many other pieces of advice.  

Take advantage of our offers and get your Essenz vaporizer for both marijuana and extractions at unbeatable prices.