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Sprayers and nebulizers

Sprayers and Nebulizers - marijuana growing

All models of sprayers and nebulizers that you need to apply foliar products to your plants in an easy and convenient way: from the most common ones such as the 1L sprayer to the super handy 5L previous pressure tank with hose. The 1L sprayer with gun will be enough for small treatments. This sprayer is used for isolated cases, such as to dispense a foliar fertilizer used in 2 or 3 occasions, or for small crops where 1L suffices to spray all plants. Its main drawback lies in the fact it doesn't work when turned upside down and that is why it is difficult to apply certain products to the reverse of the leaves. However, it comes in handy to spray cuttings since it's convenient and easy to handle.

Pressure sprays are the most widely used in our type of crops since many of their features make them ideal for the job. One of their advantages is pressure is created inside the sprayer by means of a piston and then, when the button is pressed, water comes out automatically without having to pump the liquid.

The 2L Pressure Sprayer is ideal for spraying both nutrients and insecticides since it can be turned upside down and keeps on working perfectly. Working upside down lets you dispense the liquid to the reverse of the leaves. Although the sprayer cannot work for too long like this -since air comes in after a few seconds-, there is a trick that lets us use it for 10-15 secs in this position. Indeed, the tubes of the 1L sprayer are too thin and there is room for very little water. On the other hand, the 2L sprayer tubes are thicker and there is more room for more water. Thus, we can use this spray for longer and upside down until the water in the tubes is emptied. If air starts to come out, all we have to do is put it back to its original position until water starts to come out again and then we turn it around for a new application.

The 5L Pressure Sprayer doesn't need to be turned upside down to spray the back of the leaves. It includes a watering  wand that lets you   spray all the areas you want, including both sides of the leaves without the annoyance of water flow being stopped. A piston will help us create pressure while we apply the solution by simply pressing the trigger of the wand. It can be carried at the back so it is ideal for large outdoor farms, where tall plants are cultivated and the demand for water is high.

If you are looking for a sprayer, search for the one you need according to your needs and don't suffer anymore to apply foliar products.