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Irrigation timers

Irrigation timers and controllers section

Irrigation timers and controllers for your crops, perfect for those cases where you cannot take care of your plants for some days or you want to automatize the irrigation of your grow op. Depending on where you are taking the irrigation water from, you'll have to employ a model or another since specs differ.

One of the most widely used models is the Battery-Operated Automatic Irrigation Programmer, which enables you to water up to 10 plants. It consists of a controllers that acts as timer, water pump and water supplier. It has 10 different outlets that can be blocked with a cap or to which we can connect a 6 mm tube. Each tube goes to a plant and every time the system is activated, irrigates all plants equally, with the same amount of water coming out of each outlet. The system itself pumps water from the water tank or bucket thanks to a battery-operated water pump, taking it to the plants. It is possible to choose the particular time at which you want irrigation to take place every day and for how long. It is particularly useful outdoors, since you won't have to connect it to the power network and it's also ideal when you go on holiday.

If you want to water your plants outdoors, but don't want to worry about running out of battery, there is a better system: the Solar Irrigation Kit. A solar panel will charge the battery so that the kit can work without batteries. The solar panel will collect energy and the controller will deal with the storage and use it to water your plants according to the parameters you have set, such as the minutes and days you want irrigation to take place. The water pump will propel water towards the plants while a drip irrigation system -included in the kit- will water up to 20 plants. A very good option for those who cannot take care of their plants personally or for "guerrilla-style" crops.

Other simpler models of controllers are directly connected to the water network and can be sufficient to do a manual weekly fertilization or to use along with slow absorption nutrients such as Bio Tabs. There is a digital model and an analogue one, so that you can choose how to program the days and times of watering. They are battery-powered so keep in mind these have to be changed often and don't forget about them! If the timer ran out of battery while the system was working, you could create a flooding which might be even worse than leaving your plants without water. Despite this drawback, this system is one of the best and most economical ones for outdoor plants.

One of the best quality irrigation controllers is the one by GSE due to its many functions. It allows you to adjust irrigation times by the second, with an interval that goes from 1 sec to 18h. What really makes this system outstanding is it can tell whether it's daytime or nighttime by means of a probe. Thanks to it, you can make it water your plants for shorter periods during the day and for longer ones at night. In short, it is an ideal tool for optimizing your watering schedule and it would work perfectly in conjunction with the Ebb & Flood system from Nutriculture or rockwool growing systems.

No matter which watering programmer or timer you are looking for, you will certainly find one that meets your needs in our catalogue.