Irrigation fittings

  • Gotero Interlínea 16mm

    16mm In-line dripper

    All you have to do is cut the pipe and set your dripper at that location, creating a new watering point. Your automatic watering system as simple as it gets.

  • Vasos Medidores de varios tamaños en ml.

    Measuring cups

    Stop using 20 droppers in your water and start using measuring cups if you need high doses of fertilizers, making everything faster and more comfortable.

  • Tubo atoxico de silicona

    Non-toxic silicone hose

    Non-toxic silicone hose to connect air pumps to air stone diffusers.

  • Gotero + Microtubo de 60cm. 1,2L/h

    Dripper + 60cm microtube. 1,2L/h

    Dripper with 60cm micro-tube to do an automatic irrigation system easily.

  • Gotero Cobra Ray + 1m. de microtubo

    Cobra Ray Dripper + 1m microtube

    Water your plants in 1hr with up to 18L of water. Cobra Ray dripper comes with a micro-tube to channel water from from the main line to the plant.

  • Piedra Difusora

    Air Stone Diffusers

    Air stones are used in the aeration of water in tanks, working perfectly in nutrient solutions for your cannabis plants, aerating their roots.

  • Gotero HT 4L/h regulable para riego automático

    HT 4L/h Adjustable Dripper for automatic irrigation

    Adjustable Drippers for automatic irrigation. You can get up to 4L per hour from each of these.

  • Jarra de Plástico 1L graduada

    1L graduated plastic jar

    1L graduated plastic jar to measure fertilizers when you use large amounts of them or to dose the volume of water employed on each plant.

  • Jarra Medidora de Cuello Largo 1750ml.

    Long Neck Measuring Cup 1750ml.

    Long neck measuring cup. You can choose between 100ml and 1750ml. Very handy to reach the most distant plants.

  • Gotero Medusa 6 Salidas

    6-Outlet adjustable drip manifold

    Drip Manifold to connect to a 16mm pipe. 6 independent outlets to water 6 different pots by dripping irrigation.

  • Gotero emisor DeepRoot

    DeepRoot Irrigation Drip Emitter

    DeepRoot Irrigation Drip Emitter is part of a revolutionary automatic watering system that is buried in the radicular area.

  • Bolsa de Autoriego 10L

    10L Self Watering Bag

    Self watering bag that distributes water from the reservoir (bad) to 6 tubes, each of them equipped with its own dripper to regulate water flow individually.

  • Agitador de agua y nutrientes

    Water and nutrients Shaker - Wave Maker

    Water and nutrients shaker Wave Maker by Neptune Hydroponics. It keeps nutrients perfectly mixed by moving water in the tank permanently.

  • Calentadores de Agua Water Master

    Water Heaters

    These water heaters are perfect for water tanks, allowing you to water your plants with water at the ideal temperature. Available in various wattages.

  • Kit Riego Fácil Manual

    Kit Riego Fácil Manual

    Easy Watering Kit. It’ll help you water your most distant plants effortlessly.

  • Telescopic Watering Wand/Lance

    Telescopic Watering Wand/Lance

    Water your plants with maximum comfort thanks to our Telescopic Watering Lance which will allow you to reach every plant and pour as much water as required, just as if the tap were over the pot.

  • Gotero medusa 12 salidas 25mm

    12-outlet drip manifold 16mm

    Drip manifold to insert in a 16mm line and get 12 drip outlets to water 12 different plants.

  • Gotero Medusa 12 Salidas

    12-outlet Drip Manifold - 25mm

    “Jellyfish” dripper with 12 outlets with which you’ll be able to use a drip irrigation system by connecting it to a 25mm tube.

  • Discos Collarin Neopreno 5cm Nutriculture 100 u.

    Neoprene Clone Collars

    100 50mm Neoprene Clone Collars for aeroponic grow systems. You can replace your old collars with these ones.

  • Lanza de riego Neptune Hidrophonics

    Neptune Hidrophonics Watering Wand

    Watering will be quick and easy thanks to Neptune Hidrophonics Watering Wand. By simply triggering the wand, we can dose how much water we want to use in each pot, without having to bend (and thus avoiding many backaches!)

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  • Filtro Aquaclear 30 Neptune

    Aquaclear 30 Filter

    The Aquaclear filter by Hydroponics oxygenates your plants water, filtering and providing your plants’ roots with beneficial micro-organisms.

  • Kit Riego-Fácil Con bomba Automático

    Automatic Easy Watering Kit with pump

    Automatic Easy Watering Kit comes with a foot switch to turn on and off the water pump at will and water your plants effortlessly.

  • Discos Collarin Neopreno de Colores 5.5cm Neptune 190 u.

    Colored Neoprene Clone Collars

    Now you can easily tell apart your clones with these multi-colored neoprene collars. Packs of 190 units.

  • Lámpara Ultra-Violeta Purificadora de agua

    Ultra-Violet Water Purifier

    Purify the water in your nutrient tank and keep it algae-free thanks to this simple light which won't harm your plants or their roots.

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Irrigation fittings

All irrigation fittings you need are here. These products help you improve the quality of the care you give to your plants. Irrigation takes place almost on a daily basis so the way you do it and the equipment you employ are paramount.

You can water your plants with a telescopic watering wand that will let you reach even the farthest plants effortlessly and with the same flow rate since this one can be adjusted at any time. Thus, you won't have to move your plants around when watering them. In order to use this device it is also necessary to employ a powerful water pump because the hose needs a lot of pressure.

There are other methods that don't offer resistance to water flow. Water inside the hose has to go through the rose at the edge -like a shower head- which makes necessary to have a lot of pressure. But if water has a free pass, flow won't be so intense. Our Easy Irrigation Automatic System is very recommendable: with a simple and small water pump it is possible to water our plants by allowing and interrupting the flow by simply pressing a button with the foot. Since there is nothing at the edge of the hose, water will come out easily and you won't have to use a very powerful pump. Water will fall freely and thus, holes on the ground will be avoided. 

If you prefer manual irrigation and like to know how much water you are feeding to each plant, we also have an Easy Manual Irrigation System. This system works in much the same way as a watering wand but it lets you track how much water you pour on each pot. It consists of a 1.5m long tube with an opening at the end, similar to a funnel. With the help of a cup or jar, the nutrient solution can be poured inside and fall through the regular "outlet" of the jet in a convenient way. This system allows the user to dose the amount of water used on each pot, avoiding flooding and roots rotting.

There are other systems such as the Irrigation Bag, which lets you water up to 6 plants automatically by simply filling a 10L tank. This drip irrigation system works by gravity. It consists of 6 drippers mounted in line, each of them with a shut-off valve. You can choose how much water comes out of each dripper so watering takes more or less time or larger or smaller volumes are supplied. This system is very useful to water all plants by simply emptying a jar of nutrient solution inside the bag and thus, avoid watering each plant individually.

You will also find several drippers for our automatic irrigation systems in our shop. The simplest drippers come with a microtube and a pickaxe while some the 12-outlet drip manifold lets you feed 12 plants from each intake in the main pipe. HT drippers let you adjust the water flow coming out of each tube while Cobra Ray lets you move your plants at will. The 6-outlets drip manifold lets you water up to 6 plants from a single intake with a 16 mm tube. Drippers set in line enable quick and practical installations, particularly outdoors where the distance between plants is much bigger.

Purify your water with an ultraviolet lamp, killing all potential fungi and bacteria  in the nutrient solution. A water pump will recirculate the water from the tank continuously inside the lamp, avoiding water stagnation. Water will be pure and free from algae and mildew.

Whichever product you're looking for to improve your watering system, you will certainly find it in this section, along with a full description of its specs and mode of employment.