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Cannabiogen Products

Cannabiogen Products - Biostimulators

Cannabiogen is a prestigious cannabis seed bank that has developed their very own range of fertilizers for cannabis. They have over 20 years’ experience in this sector. The stimulants that they have designed are capable of increasing the quality and quantity of your yield, without needing to use any sort of chemical ingredients. Their three products, Delta 8, Delta 9 and Delta 10, have had incredible success.

Cannabiogen is known for their designer cannabis strains, creating various hybrids from exotic plants that are well-known in the cannabis community. They have both feminized and regular strains. Their fem Pakistan Chitral Kush is one of our favorite strains, producing amazing yields and beautiful-looking buds. It goes a beautiful deep red color that’ll have you in a trance. Sugarloaf is one of their best regular strains; it’s a 50/50 hybrid that produces enormous amounts of resin, which in turn produces delicious hash that’ll have you active and awake. It’s also incredibly sturdy and can deal with insect infestations and fungi easily.

Their most amazing invention, however, is Delta 9, a flowering and resin stimulant that has been producing amazing results for years now. This is possibly one of the most used products in the cannabis sector when it comes to increasing resin yield. It can cause a 30% increase in the amount of flowers that your plants’ produce, as well as a 25% increase in resin levels. In general terms, it increases flavor, quality and yield in cannabis plants. It’s super easy to use, simply spray it on your plants during the first few weeks and switch to watering the roots once they begin to flower – you probably won’t want to switch back to your old products after using Delta 9.

Delta 8 contains plenty of vitamins and amino-acids that’ll give your plants plenty of nitrogen which increases and accelerates the growth period. Delta 8 also helps your plants’ roots to grow much larger and thicker, helping your plants to flower better and produce more flowers because their branches will have grown much stronger. Remember, Delta 8 is used during the growth period only.

Delta 10 is another of their star products. It’s used with Delta 9 in order to increase yield as much as possible. Once you start to see the buds created thanks to Delta 9, begin using Delta 10 in order to fatten the buds up properly. It contains all of the carbs and sugars that your flowers need to fill up and fatten out perfectly, as well as potassium and phosphorus.

Cannabiogen has been taking our breath away for years now. They work incredibly hard when it comes to perfecting their strains aesthetically and when it comes to performance – they strive for peak performance. If you’re looking to get natural stimulants that produce amazing results, Cannabiogen fertilizers are the perfect products for you. Get Cannabiogen products or seeds here at