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Paradise Seeds Autoflowering

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Auto Jack cannabis plant
Paradise seeds
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Auto Jack

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Auto Acid cannabis plant
Paradise seeds
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Auto Acid

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Paradise Seeds Autoflowering

Paradise Seeds Auto - Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering Paradise Seeds Strains

Paradise Seeds is a world renowned seed bank which has gained a solid reputation thanks to their more than 25 years experience selecting and improving the most fascinating strains. The quality of their seeds is superb just as their genetics. With great professionality they take care of their selected seeds, thoroughly keeping the best nuances.

Since they started working they haven't stopped growing and getting better, staying true to their raison d'être: selecting the sweetest and tastiest strains. Besides, they own a Coffee Shop where one can enjoy all their delicacies.

Main Paradise Seeds' Autoflowering Strains

In their catalogue you will find autoflowering strains of great vigor, high production and intense flavor. They have varieties such as Pandora, Auto Cid, Auto Wapa or Auto Whiteberry, selected by the best breeders of their farms in order to bring us the finest autoflowering plants.

Auto Acid is a strain that doesn't depend on the photoperiod, but that will start growing buds after 3 weeks. In only 6 weeks since the appearance of the first flowers it will be mature for being harvested. It is an indica crossbred with a hybrid of Sativa and has a diesel smell, with very citric nuances. It has the trippy and stimulant effect of a Diesel.It has been test crossed with a very vigorous Rudelaris, and will grow at any location. Indeed, it's the all-terrain strain. One should count with a 75 days delay until the harvest and slightly longer if grown outdoors. Outdoors, it will produce around 100 g/plant while indoors, 9 plants per m2 can produce about 350 g/m2. It is a very sought after variety in the market of autoflowering strains thanks to its characteristics that will make any smoker become infatuated with it!

Award-winning THC and CBD Strains

Pandora is one of the award-winning strains at the Highlife Cannabis Cup Amsterdam 2012, in the autoflowering category. It has medicinal uses thanks to its balanced levels of THC and CDB, which makes it ideal for inexperienced users. Providing a soft high, a feeling of fluidity and relaxation will run through your body, a result of its Sensi Star ancestry.

Thus, it will provide solace to people in pain, looking for relief. A healthy plant with a vigorous appearance, compact, dense and with hard buds full with resin. It is ideal to be grown in reduced spaces, though it will almost certainly reach 1 m of height (outdoors, a few more handspans are expectable). It can be harvested 65 days after sprouting. Outdoors, you can leave it for an extra week to see what its optimum ripeness point is. It is sweet and by curing it will adopt sugary nuances.

Its effect will be slightly prolonged, which is a very interesting feature to treat patients who employ marijuana with medicinal uses.

Autoflowering resinous strains

The most celebrated strain of Paradise Seeds is the Whiteberry, a real delicacy in all aspects. Very demanded by the best growers who like its strong high, exotic flavour, robust demeanor and health. It also produces dense and hard as stone buds that shine due to the impressive amount of trichomes they have.

No matter whether you grow it indoors or outdoors, this variety will produce plants about 75 cm high, with a 9 weeks cycle from sprouting. This plant is particularly suitable for reduced spaces where it is possible to put up to 16 plants/m2 indoors. After 63 days some of they will be already ready for cutting, while they will require some extra days if grown outdoors. Their inherited genetics has given them many organoleptic properties and a strong high that will leave you knackered on the couch.

Paradise Seeds Strain Catalogue

In this section you will find these and many other strains by Paradise Seeds, as always with a full description and a review done by our team. Take advantage of our discounts and get your Paradise Auto Seeds at the best price.