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Royal Queen Seeds Auto

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Royal Queen Seeds Auto

Royal Queen Seeds - Autoflowering Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds Autoflowering Strains

The company Royal Queen Seeds is one of the biggest cannabis seed banks in Europe. Their breeders spent many years in Holland where they learnt everything about breeding their own seeds.

They bring us high quality autoflowering and feminized seeds so that you can grow them and get delicious buds in no time. They offer a whole range of flavors and different strains for all growers. Their quality/price ratio is admirable taking into account they have worked with some of the best Dutch growers. They don't have regular seeds, but their 100% feminized seeds can produce Coffee Shop quality buds. They have received many awards by both the public and  judges. Among their awards, they've won the Highlife Cup and the High Time's Cannabis Cup, which they got thanks to their classic Shining Silver Haze, Northern Lights, White Widow and Amnesia Haze along with renowned strains such as Critical, the super famous OG Kush and the mythic Skunk#1.

Entirely feminized quality seeds

Besides, they offer a great number of super quick autoflowering strains, very easy to grow and top-notch quality. Some of them can be harvested only 8 weeks after sprouting. By growing these autoflowering strains you'll be able to harvest it much sooner and avoid running out of your precious natural medicine.

Autoflowering sativas tend to take around two weeks longer to fully mature. Thanks to these plants you'll be able to enjoy weed that will make your days much more fun and entertaining, with a more energetic effect than other strains.

This bank grows all their strains with organic products, with no chemical supplies. This is a way of ensuring a sowing and a harvest of quality and a way to respect the original and true flavor of the different strains. By doing this, it is much simpler to do natural selections.

The Best Royal Queen Seeds autoflowering strains

Here you can find autoflowering strains such as the super easy to grow Easy Bud. Royal Critical Auto is one of their most popular strains and it's now available in autoflowering version. The incredibly well-known Northern Light Auto, which provides very good yields and buds as hard as stones.

THC-rich strains

We cannot forget to mention their incensed sativa, Royal Haze Auto, which will fill your room with its incensed scent and will get you high thanks to its large THC content. Its psychedelic effect is fun and something to consider for having a good time. It is also highly productive thanks to its Haze sativa-dominance.

Grow Royal Queen Seeds autoflowering strains

The bank also has a Mixed format (their own collection), so that you can enjoy their best strains. Their best strains gathered together in one pack so that you can try them all. The growers concerned about their health will appreciate that all Royal Queen Seeds are 100% organic and contain no chemical or pesticide residue and that their genetics are widely recognized as being some of the best ones.

This bank has a selection of more than 21 autoflowering strains which makes it one of the seed banks with the largest amount of autoflowering strains. Their seeds are always available and they do their best to satisfy their clients and keep the best quality.

Large seed catalogue - indicas and sativas

In our catalog you can find a full description and our review so that you can know everything about them before making an informed choice. Besides, you'll be able to purchase them at an unbeatable price since we enjoy permanent discounts in all seeds formats of Royal Queen Seeds.