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Ministry of Cannabis Auto

Ministry of Cannabis Auto - Automatic Seeds

Autoflowering Ministry of Cannabis Seeds

The seed bank Ministry of Cannabis began in Amsterdam, where there has been a thriving cannabis culture for more than 20 years. There, smokers from all over the world come to try new strains and become acquainted with the growing culture that has developed in the country over those years. The work carried out by Ministry of Cannabis over the last 10 years consists in preserving classic strains, such as White Widow,  so that the original genes are not lost. During the few last years, they have introduced Carnival, a variety that feels like a true colorful carnival to the mind.

Pure genes in their strain catalogue

They have been preserving the characteristics of the purest Haze strains for years, to get the best quality seeds possible. Zensation, an improved White Widow, is the result of many years of selection. Ministry of Cannabis started to develop their work with autoflowering strains in 2008. They weren't pioneers in the field, but thanks to their large experience in the preservation of indicas and sativas of great quality with a long genetic line, they have been able to produce a good linage of autoflowering strains. They have ensured their strains are of very good quality and very easy to grow, leading to optimum results.

At a certain point they decided to develop their two different lines of work separately. Thus, they decided to devote their Dutch installations to indoor growing while the Barcelona HQ would be in charge of developing everything related to autoflowering strains.

In the past they used to sell regular seeds, but nowadays they only do feminized ones. They wanted to do a good job and develop 100% feminine seeds for the most demanding grower. Their autoflowering strains are also 100% feminized and since they are automatic, they will complete a whole life cycle independently of the photoperiod, allowing you to cut them from the 8th week after sprouting.

Ministry of Cannabis Autoflowering Strain Properties

Some of their auto strains might take a bit longer, but in no case will it take you more than 10 weeks to enjoy these strains. These autoflowering varieties offer you the advantage of being growable all the year round, both indoors and outdoors. They will endure winter weather well; though, productivity will not be that great. Autoflowering strains come from a hybrid with Rudelaris which is what gives them the autoflowering capacity. These genetics come from very cold climates and the longest and coldest nights where the higher summer temperatures won't go beyond 15°C or 16°C.  Autoflowering strains were bred to survive under any conditions, and now they bring us the best if their genetics. We can enjoy their organoleptic qualities along with their effects.

Also, the bank is proud of presenting Premium seeds. These seeds have a maximum quality and are a safe bet for those growers who want to sow just the best material.

Among the different auto strains of the bank, the following three are our favorites: White Widow Auto, Blueberry Domina Auto and Cheese NL Auto (which has an original taste and very intense to the palate, along with amazing resin). All their varieties are full with top quality trichomes, even in the largest leaves.

Potent, quality autoflowering strains by Ministry of Cannabis

If you want autoflowering plants with old and powerful genetics, Ministry of Cannabis brings you great quality for an affordable price. You will find all their strains in our catalogue where you can check their main properties such as taste and effect, its blooming days since sprouting or approximate size. Thus, it will be easy for you to make your ideal purchase enjoying our great discounts.