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Genehtik Auto

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Genehtik Auto

Genehtik Auto - Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering Genehtik Cannabis Seeds

Introducing Genehtik, a very well-known seed bank thanks to their famous Kritikal Bilbo. Kritical Bilbo Auto is one of their precious autoflowering strains and has been leading the auto seed market for the last 3 years. During this time, the bank has developed other strains of equal or superior quality to suit different smoking preferences.

100% feminized fast flowering strains

The seed bank's most famous strains now have an autoflowering counterpart such as Amnesia Bilbo Auto, Neville Bilbo Auto, Northern Lights Auto and Goxuak Auto. They are all 100% feminized and will give you abundant yields after very few weeks of flowering. Kritical Bilbo Auto will be ready for harvesting a maximum of 8-9 weeks after sprouting. These seeds are super quick and of great quality. An interesting piece of data is it can produce around 70g per plant outdoors, and around 500g per m2 in our indoor crops. We can verify that they are ready for harvest after the promised 2 months both indoors and outdoors.

To develop such a famous strain, several crossbreeding processes were done. A Kritical Bilbo was crossbred along with fathers and mothers of autoflowering strains. When stabilized, this combination resulted in a sweet and fruity taste with a rather sedative effect, along with high yields in a Kritical Bilbo-looking plant. These are new seeds that yield a lot and are considerably potent without growing too large. This last feature makes them ideal for growing discreetly in balconies or terraces. It is then ideal for discreet yet productive grows. The plants will reach 80cm at most, but with a nice branch structure to make up for its short height. It is a plant for those with the sweetest of teeth.

Our favorite Sativa, Amnesia Bilbo Auto

The sativa strain par excellence by Genehtik is Amnesia Bilbo Auto, a whole new generation of strain. It comes from the strictest selection from various sativa plants, choosing the strongest ones or the ones with higher yields, best appearance etc. until they were all condensed into one single strain. This is our adored Amnesia in its auto-flowering version and it is able to produce more than half a kilogram per m2 indoors. Outdoors, it will almost touch the sky! In a properly prepared substrate it can easily reach a meter and a half in height with basic care, just like its predecessor Amnesia Bilbo. In addition, it will be ready to harvest in just 65 days but it will be also possible to leave it for 15 extra days in order to boost the effect of the Haze varieties. Its smell of liquorice and incense will inundate your room. Without a doubt, it is a true delight.

Genehtik - Synonymous with Success

These strains are perfect for both beginner and experienced growers. Genehtik has developed and consolidated so many qualities that the seeds will grow perfectly in any grow tent or terrace. Genehtik has carved out a position in the mainstream and professional market for themselves and it is well deserved. They have done it through honest, hard work by creating one of the best seed banks in Spain with their own stabilized strains and great genetic diversity. On our web page you can find all of their strains, available on permanent offer. Grow the best quality at the best price.