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Trabe S.A. natural nutrients and additives

Trabe's range of products places them among the first brands of high performance organic agriculture nutrients.  By following their nutrient charts, it is possible to achieve great yields without compromising quality.

They possess a wide range of products in several formats specifically for each phase of your plants. Bachumus Evolution C can be used during the vegetative stage. This fertilizer will guarantee, in a natural way, that your plants grow strong and capable of easily holding up massive buds in the future. It contains ProNeem, a compound that improves soil's life, avoiding pests and diseases.

Bachumus Evolution F ensures nutrients for the flowering stage are well-balanced, so you can obtain hard and resinous buds full of flavor. These natural nutrients give good result without displaying high contents of any substance. They are whole products and contain several macro and microelements.

Trabe has an endless list of treatments for your plants so you can face many of the problems that might arise as the cultivation cycle moves on. Two of the best known products from the brand are Propolix and Neem Oil.

Propolix will help your plants improve their inner health so they can prevent fungi such as mildew from latching on to your plants. Besides preventing fungi attacks, your plants will look greener and healthier. With Neem Oil, your plants can repel insects such as whiteflies or red spider mites. Since the product comes from a poisonous plant, insects will move to other crops when they smell it.

Trabe also offers essential products for outdoor cultivation such as the bacillus Thuringiensis, that will eradicate caterpillar pests, which ruins a large number of grow ops every year.

The brand also offers natural insecticides made from pyrethrins such as Expelex. They are helpful when pests have settled on the plants and you want to remove them without chemicals. Other products such as CCK will provide benefits to your plants such as protection against fungi. Liquid nettle cleans your plants and protects them against fungi, Mycoplant can boost bacterian life with beneficial fungi for the soil... the list goes on.

You can trust Trabe to get productive and well-protected plants with 100% natural products, avoiding chemicals and without hindering the quality or salubrity of the final product.