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Ministry of Cannabis

Ministry of Cannabis Feminized Seeds

Ministry of Cannabis Modern Old School Strains

Ministry of Cannabis is a Dutch seed bank that has quite a reputation world-wide. They have plenty of strains that they’ve been maintaining for years, and many more that they’ve created themselves. Their feminized seeds are bred and chosen in Holland, getting them used to colder and more humid climates, which makes them much better for outdoor growing. They have strains for both beginners and experts – plenty of them are extremely easy to grow and are capable of giving large yields.

Well-known Ministry of Cannabis Strains

Big Bud XXL: High-yielding and potent

If you’re looking for a high-yielding plant, Bid Bud XXL is the plant for you. This plant produces thick, heavy buds full of energetic effects which is unusual in such an indica-dominant plant. It’s extremely fast, and it’ll be ready after just 55 flowering days indoors. It’s a great option for growing in a natural SoG system, placing around 9-16 plants per square meter & growing straight at 12/12h. Outdoors these plants are also quite quick, and they’ll be ready to harvest before those pesky end-of-summer rains. When grown in a mild climate it can easily produce up to 1kg.

Carnival: Psychoactive cannabis

Carnival is one of this bank’s very own creations – it’s an 80% sativa strain with high amounts of THC. It gives an intense mental effect that’s quite energetic and happy in general; this is something that’s quite sought-after in strains like these. Indoors it does well thanks to how fast it flowers, especially considering its sativa genes. After just 8-9 weeks at 12/12h, your plants should be ready to harvest. Outdoors they can grow up to 2.5m tall, yielding up to 700g of delicious buds as long as they get plenty of sun, nutrients and water. Lab tests have shown that this strain can grow with up to 23% THC.

Zensation: Skunk & Relaxing Strain

Zensation is a strain that comes from a Northern Lights, producing plants that are wide and short, making them perfect for indoor growing. Due to having such a characteristic shape, they’ll be able to absorb as much light as possible in a grow tent, making for a more spread-out/balanced yield on the plants. When grown outdoors they’ll grow with longer, more open branches that’ll grow plenty of buds. Towards mid-September, your plants will be ready to be harvested, easily yielding 1kg per outdoor plant. It has an earthy, sweet flavor; very Skunk.

Ministry of Cannabis - Amazing Prices

Ministry of Cannabis offers top-quality seeds at some of the best prices available, and we have permanent offers on all seeds. Each seed has their own description in order to help you pick the one you want.