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Kannabia Seeds Auto

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Kannabia Seeds Auto

Kannabia Seeds Auto - Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering Kannabia Seeds

Kannabia Seeds is a seed bank that has improved considerably over the years only to become one of the biggest marijuana seed banks in the world. All their auto strains flower independently of the photoperiod. Around the third or fourth week, you'll start to see how buds begin to form. From the fifth week the plants will be ready for harvest.

Autoflowering strain origins

At the beginning, the bank only had hybrids between autos and some indica strains such as Northern Light crossed with a Rudelaris. This allowed them to them progress a lot in the selection of autoflowering strains. After breeding amazing Rudelaris strains they decided to make a leap and started to crossbreed them with indicas, sativas and hybrids. They have managed to take autoflowering strains to their highest levels of efficiency, producing plants which are taller, more productive and with better aromas and flavors.

Kannabia Seeds' Best Strains

They created a range of autoflowering strains mixed with sativas they called Max Auto. They are a set of very productive strains. Now you can enjoy two classes of autoflowering strains: normal ones and Max Autos, adding up to a total of 13 strains to enjoy. There have strains such as Thai Fantasy, Smile Max Auto, Power Skunk Max Auto or La Blanca Max Auto. Within their first generation of autoflowering strains there have plants such as Speedy Gonzales Auto, Gnomo Auto or Micromachine Auto.

Strains such as Citric 70 Auto are complex hybrid chosen from hundreds of plants. Critic 70 has one of the fastest autoflowering times of all times, crossbred with a Critical and test crossed with a Producer Skunk. It can be harvested 70 days after sprouting, with big and compact buds of high density which are covered with resin. Under the best conditions, this plant will grow beyond 1m and yield more than 100g/plant. You'll harvest citric-spicy weed, with a sweet aftertaste and an sativa euphoric effect.

Experts in fast-flowering indica strains

They also have Smile Max Auto, one of the latest strains introduced to their catalogue. With very similar characteristics to the Ak-47 with regard to its robust and twiggy appearance, it produces large flower bunches of hard as stone buds. This very same strain was crossbred with a Rudelaris. Thanks to this mix the strain acquired its sweet taste with a muddy aftertaste along with a tough resistance to climate harshness. It is thus recommended for outdoors growing.

Mataro Blue Max is one of the most sought-after autoflowering plants by the followers of this bank. It is a smoking delicatessen in autoflowering format. By going with the auto version you will save a lot of time and will be able to enjoy their famous strain very quickly. This strain has received many awards and enjoys international recognition. The auto version has the same taste -a slight muddy background and a very similar taste, less intense on the body-. The taste will have you drooling due to a high density of smoke and will induce a lot of coughing in beginner smokers. A professional strain available now for all levels. Good quality/price ratios affordable for all budgets.

Kannabia Seeds Strain Catalogue

In our website you can find all the strains of Kannabia Seeds bank and enjoy great permanent discounts in all their seeds.