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Kannabia Seeds

Kannabia Seeds - Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Kannabia Seeds was created to bring growers 100% feminized quality seeds. The motto of the company is to develop an honest and close relationship with their customers. You're guaranteed the great results you're after; all of their strains have been designed to meet their customers needs.

You'll find plants such as Queso, a strain brought directly from the 90's to the present. This strain is very popular in England thanks to its intense flavor and how easy it is to grow. It was crossed with a Mazar-i-Shariff strain to improve yield. After just 55-60 days of flowering you can expect to harvest about 450g/m2. If do an early apical pruning, you'll obtain long colas of buds pointing upwards with a more compact structure that will allow the plant to receive as much light as possible. Outdoors, this strain appreciates warm climates without much sun, nor much cold. It can produce plants that yield up to 700-800g. Its flavor is very intense, ideal for the smokers who enjoy deep flavors. Its effect is strong and relaxing, ideal for that last joint before going to bed.

One of their fastest and more productive strains is La Reina de Africa, a strain obtained from an AK-47, that looks and tastes just like a pure sativa, but it flowers like an indica. It was crossbred with an Ortega Indica and then stabilized with Northern Lights. Now, you have access to a plant that works much better indoors, although outdoors it can grow marijuana trees. Indoors, it'll grow into a strong structure that's quite short and reacts quickly to light changes. After just 60 flowering days, they'll be ready to harvest, producing over 500g/m2 with a 600W light. Outdoors it does well in sunny climates where plants develop very quickly during the growth stage. If you plant them later, they'll grow nice and compact, going unnoticed among other types of plants. If you plant them as seasonal specimens, some can yield up to 1kg, and will be ready for harvest around mid-September. Their effect relaxing from both a mental and physical point of view, ideal to escape from problems and daily stress.

Mataro Blue is undoubtedly the star strain by Kannabia. It is the one that's won more awards and the most sought-after by growers. It is a 3-way cross between Blueberry, Mazar-i-Shariff and Black Domina. You'll get a plant with a branchy structure, large and short, ideal for indoor growing. Its indica ancestry makes it very quick to flower, with hard and heavy buds. Indoors you can get a good yield from 4-9 plants, some 450 g/m2. Outdoors, providing you have a good climate, you can grow some large plants: as wide as it is tall and with an approximate weight of 1kg. Its effect is intensely physically relaxing.

Kannabia has seeds for all tastes and growers. You only have to choose your preferred effect and flavor and find the one that grows well in the climate of your region. You can follow our reviews for guidance. Besides getting the best seeds you'll be saving money; we have offers on all seeds.