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Cannabiogen Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Cannabiogen is a project that began with four people, a group of growers with years of experience and a dream; to create and share their own strains with as many people as possible.

One of the first few hybrid strains they created was Sandstorm, (Pakistan Chitral x Moroccan), a 100% indica strain. They made it from some rescued seeds from a plant they used to make hash, a powerful Chitral Kush which was then crossed with a Moroccan strain. It has a sweet, penetrating and musky smell, and it can be grown both indoors and outdoors. The bank recommends growing for 30 days before flipping them, but we recommend flowering them once they reach 25cm indoors, and they’ll be ready in just 55-60 days – October outdoors.

Leshaze (Leshoto x SkunkHaze) is made up of a fast-flowering female plant that’s grown at up to 2000m tall and a male Skunk x Haze with a mainly sativa effect. This plant is interesting to grow, taking 65-70 days to flower, and ready towards October outdoors depending on the conditions.

Another project that they were working on before starting their bank is Sugarloaf, a plant that was born by crossing a Colombian plant with a plant from the North of Indica. The Colombian strain is known as Capricho, and the other plant is quite a potent Pakistani strain – the result is a balanced, potent and pleasing strain.

One of the most sativa plants you can find is Caribe, a plant that they made by crossing a Jamaican strain from the Blue Mountains with a Northern Lights 5 x Haze. This plant has a more open bud, making it better for fighting off fungi and mildew. Indoors, you might need to reduce the lights and flip them to flower little by little.

Destroyer is an incredibly sativa plant when it comes to its flowering times. This plant is perfect for professionals, coming from a Meao Thai x Mexico/Colombia. 14 flowering weeks is how long this beauty takes. It has quite a clean, mental effect, typical of sativas. This plant is perfect for SoG and SCRoG systems.

Cannabiogen also has a wide range of nutrients and fertilizers for your grow, such as Delta 9, which is the most-used flowering stimulant on the cannabis market. Here at Growbarato you can easily get your hands on this bank’s amazing seeds, and go check out their fertilizer section to get some amazing products for your grow.