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Cannabiogen Regular

Cannabiogen Regular Seeds Collection

Cannabiogen has an amazing collection of well known and prized regular seeds, so that you can grow their best strains in your own crop. You can find all kinds of genotypes and hybrids so that, no matter your taste, they'll have something you enjoy.

They have tropical plants such as Caribe, a strain with an energetic and cheerful effect that can be grown indoors or outdoors. It is a super-sativa crossed with an indica in order to shorten the flowering period. Indoors, you will have to tame it with a SCROG system or else your plants will reach the light and end up with burnt tips. Outdoors they will become gigantic, yielding up to 1kg each. It is resistant to mold and rains so, even if it rains at the end of the summer, your crop won't rot.

Nepal Jam is a 100% sativa strain, the result of a combination between a Nepali sativa and a Jamaican sativa. It produces strong plants, very vigorous during the growing period and exhibiting an incredibly strong flowering period. It is ideal for the outdoors since it is one of the most resistant plants against mold, fungi and cold. It deals well with low temperatures but if you grow it in hot weather it will grow much larger. It has an exhilarating and laugh-inducing effect, along with a sweet and mellow taste. Its fragrance and bluish color will mesmerize you. If you enjoy making extracts this is one of the most productive strains for BHO and hash.

Peyote Purple is another of their star strains, not only because the lively color of its flowers but also because it has very unusual effects for an indica. It can be grown indoors and outdoors, though plants will develop differently. Indoors, plants develop mainly a central bud, and 9 plants per m2 is a good amount. It takes 55-60 days to complete its flowering. This is a fast and productive plant and you could get up to 400g per 600W light. Outdoors, it'll grow as tall as it does wide thanks to the strength of the sunlight. It supports the weight of the buds so we won't have to train it. In most cases, you will get a deep purple plant, with a soft and awakening effect for the everyday smoker. It tastes sweet and muddy at the same time, with incensed hints, very much like Haze. Old School smokers like it a lot.

Whichever feature you're looking for in a plant, Cannabiogen has the ideal strain for you. In order to find it, all you have to do is read our descriptions and follow our advice. You will find great discounts on all seeds so that you can plant the best strains without worrying about the price.