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Flying Dutchmen Regular

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Flying Dutchmen Regular

Flying Dutchmen Regular Seeds Collection

Flying Dutchmen | Unique Regular Cannabis Seeds

Flying Dutchmen is a Dutch seed bank that has quite a large selection of regular seeds. You are certain to find a strain that suits your needs in their catalog. You can find anything from pure indicas to the best sativas and any hybrid in between. All you have to do is choose the one that suits your needs best.

Flying Dutchmen - Fuma Con Dios Regular Origins

Some of their strains, such as Fuma Con Dios (80% Sativa), produce an extraordinarily strong cerebral effect. You will see plants that grow tall and slender which will need to be tamed with a net so that they don't end up reaching your grow lights at the end of the flowering stage. This strain needs good exposure to light to develop properly. In any case, you won't get more than 350g per m2 with a 600W light. Outdoors, the plant will look like a bare skeleton with very few leaves and many buds. It is a late plant and it will be ready by the beginning of November. Its production rarely goes beyond 600g per plant but it is worth waiting for. It has a very Haze incensed flavor and produces a cheerful effect. Indeed, it's one of those strains everyone should try at least once.

Delicious Regular Strains

The Pure combines the best of sativas and indicas, producing a hybrid plant with great productivity and quality. You'll see long buds forming colas that will increase their weight and size thanks to their indica genes. Indoors, Pure plants behave well: they are quick to bloom and don't grow much. They are ready for harvest after 60-65 days. Outdoors, you will also have early plants that will be ready before the first rains, avoiding rot. You will get up to 400g per plant by the end of September. Its taste is like wood or sweet hash, very nice. An ideal strain for those seeking to escape stress since it calms both body and mind and won't allow you to think of your troubles.

If you are looking for a relaxing indica, Pot of Gold is your strain. Besides having the expected effect, it is one of the best strains by the bank. The amount of resin it produces increases the taste and the effect and also enables you to get a good return when making extracts. Indoors, plants grow short and compact so you'll have to place 9 plants per lamp and put them to bloom after 20 days of growth. Outdoors, this plant might grow to just 1.5m tall, but can yield up to 500g each. It tastes like sweet hash and its relaxing and narcotic effect is awesome for the end of the day.

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These and many other strains are waiting for you. All you have to do is read the detailed descriptions and find the right one for you. You'll find permanent offers and discounts on all seeds by Flying Dutchmen Regular.