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White Label seeds
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White Label

White Label - Collection of Feminized Seeds

White Label Seed Company is a Dutch seed bank, backed by the support of its "brother" bank Sensi Seeds. They offer bolder and less "serious" hybrids than Sensi, that produce plants of a very high quality. They're affordable and for very little money you can buy an award-winning strain for your collection of mother plants.

You can find strains such as White Skunk, a strain that combines the long buds and tall height of Skunk, with long lateral branches and a White Widow style resin. You can grow high-yielding plants with few specimens indoors, and true cannabis trees if grown outdoors. Under lamps it behaves well, and even if it becomes a bit tall and it has quite a few branches. It produces a large central stem and many side buds that increase the final weight of the harvest. If you notice some branches stay too far from the light it means it's time to prune them. Outdoors, it will adopt the right shape itself, growing large and extending its branches. The best thing is planting it directly on the ground in the garden from where we can get more than 750g per seasonal plant.

If you like classic strains you have to try Northern Lights, a classic strain which you can grow easily in any growing media. It is a tough strain, capable of withstanding harsh weather - from the coldest climates to the hottest. If grown indoors you can grow plants as tall as they are as wide, so you won't have to overdo the number of specimens per m2. With 4-9 plants per light you'll be able to get up to 450g per 1.2 x 1.2m grow tent. It is thus ideal for growers who don't want to grow too many plants but don't want to sacrifice yield. If grown outdoors, high yields will be almost guaranteed since it is so resistant and easy to grow; half of the work will be done once it has sprouted. Seasonal plants can yield up to 1kg and will be ready for harvest by mid-September. It has a muddy flavor with a very relaxing effect, very physical and ideal for the end of the day.

If your thing is Sativa strains, you cannot miss out on Pure Power Plant, a very fast to bloom strain that has an active and smiley effect. It can be grown indoors or outdoors, with very good results since this plant asks for very little. It only needs a good climate, airy soil and medium nutrient dosages that will keep it deficiency-free. Indoors, these slender plants can be crossed with eachother. 9 plants per m2 is plenty. You should be able to get up to 400g of buds of a very flashy and appealing color. Outdoors, you can get plants that form thin buds in long colas, exposing all the flowers. Production will be spread all over the plant, and it can be 600g per seasonal specimen. Its taste is sweet and fruity, ideal for those who enjoy smoking during the day since they won't be so deeply affected and will find an energizing effect rather than a sleepy one.

White Label has many strains from which to choose and all you have to do is finding the ideal one for your crop. Choose your plant according to your desired taste, effect and growing climate and make the most of it by following our advice and tips. As always, you can find your White Label seeds at the best price in GrowBarato since we enjoy permanent offers and discounts all year round.