Marijuana books

  • Porrigami


    Porrigami is the book you’ve been looking for if you’re one of those smokers that love rolling different-shaped joints and you feel like rolling something new. With this book you’ll enjoy your weed in a whole different way; enjoy both smoking and rolling.

  • Libro "Cannabis Positivo, Aceite Medicinal"

    “Positive Cannabis, Medicinal Oil” Wernard Bruining

    With this book, Positive Cannabis, learn how to make your own medicinal tinctures right from the mouths of experts. Reap the amazing medicinal benefits that are used to treat a myriad of illnesses.

  • Manual practico de cultivo

    Manual practico de cultivo

    Planting Cannabis with Your Heart by Juan Reina is a book that’s in favor of ethical, natural cannabis growing to improve health issues.

  • GreenHouse Grow DVD

    GreenHouse Grow DVD

    DVD by Greenhouse Grow, where you can see the guys over at Greenhouse tending to their crops and giving important advice in as far as growing goes.

  • Cultivar en Lana de Roca - Libro de Cultivo

    Hydroponics on Rockwool - Gregory Irving

    With this fantastic book, be prepared to discover a whole new world within the world of Cannabis growing; growing your plants using rockwool, comfortable, clean and easy. You’ll find the best advice available within the pages of this book.

  • Libro "Manual Práctico para Sibaritas"

    Practical Manual for Connoisseurs - Juan Robeldo

    A Practical Manual for Connoisseurs by Juan Robledo is a book with which you’ll be able to learn the best ways to grow outdoor marijuana crops, and how to get the most production out of them.

  • Libro Rick Simpson
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    Phoenix Tears, The Rick Simpson Story

    Phoenix Tears, The Rick Simpson Story is a tale about how the famous RSO cannabis oil was created and how Rick’s skin cancer was cured thanks to this miracle oil.

  • Libro "Manual Práctico para Enteraos"

    Practical Manual for "Enteraos"

    Learn tricks and tips, as well as the necessary technical vocabulary when it comes to indoor growing. Includes technique descriptions by Juan Robledo himself.

  • Libro "Extracciones Cannábicas"

    Cannabis Extractions - Book

    The book Cannabis Extractions was written in 2010 by Javier Ruano and Jak de Sostoa. In their book, they teach us techniques and useful tricks and tips for your marijuana extractions, whether they’re for medicinal or recreational use.

  • Marihuana, Fundamentos de Cultivo

    Marihuana, Grow Basics - Jorge Cervantes

    *This book is currently only available in Spanish* With this book, you’ll learn how to set up your own grow room no matter what the size, with all the information you need to maintain correct temperatures, hide your crops or control the smell.

  • I love It Libro sobre cultivo de cáñamo y mucho más

    I Love It - Michael D. Meredith

    “I Love It” is a book about growing hemp, where the author tells us his experiences as self-grower, showing us his good and bad experiences in full color photos.

  • DVD Cannabis Indoor (Marihuana Interior)

    Cannabis Indoor DVD

    With this DVD you’ll learn step by step through the best quality images how to easily grow marijuana indoors, getting ahead of bad habits, and turning you into an expert within two hours.

  • La Biblia de la Marihuana Cervantes

    The Marijuana Bible - Jorge Cervantes

    This is an amazing book all about growing marijuana, from how to germinate your seeds to how to cure your harvest. Perfect for beginners.

  • Hidroponía para Todos - Libro de Cultivo

    Hydroponics for Everybody - Gregory Irving

    The book Hydroponics for Everyone contains all sorts of hydroponic secrets that anyone can use. It’s complete, professional, and full of useful advice.

  • The Organic Grow Book

    The Organic Grow Book

    The Organic Grow Book is a book with which you can learn the latest discoveries in organic agriculture , from how to make your own compost to how to prevent and treat various pests and illnesses that can affect your grow.

  • Pocket Indoor Marihuana Horticulture by Jorge Cervantes
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    Pocket Indoor Marihuana Horticulture by Jorge Cervantes

    With this pocket edition of indoor marihuana horticulture you’ll have the perfect mini grow guide with which you can learn all the secrets to growing indoors from one of the most famous growers in history.

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    9,00 €
  • Cultivar En Coco - Libro cultivo Marihuana
    out of stock

    Growing on Coconut - Gregory Irving

    With Growing on Coconut by Gregory Irving you’ll learn all of the tips and tricks to get the absolute best out of these types of crops. It’s yet another growing method used to better your crops.

    16,00 €
  • DVD Cannabis Indoor
    out of stock

    European Technical Indoor DVD

    European Technical Indoor DVD. Learn all of the secrets to indoor growing and get the most out of your crops, even if this is your first time.

    42,00 €
Marijuana books

Best literature about marijuana and how to grow it. All you need to know about horticulture is in these books written by the best cannabis growers. Our fantastic cultivation manuals will enable you to start to grow from 0 both indoors and outdoors, telling you which substrate to use, how to harvest and dry your own crop.

A selection of books by renowned authors such as Jorge Cervantes, Juan Robledo or Elisabet Riera that teach us all their experiences so that beginner growers can get started in the marijuana growing world while professional growers improve their techniques.

One of the best sold books is the Bible of Marijuana Growing by Jorge Cervantes, a fantastic guide that teaches you something new every time you reread it. A real must in all growers' library, it will explain you everything you need to know from how to sprout plants to all the pests that might attack your crops.

There are books for growing in a specific media such as "Simply Soil", dedicated to all the growers that like this natural growing media to cultivate their plants. Some growers who want to try other systems such as Hydro or Coco but are reluctant to start can get an overview of the basics by reading books such as "Growing in Coco" or "Growing in Rockwool" and thus make a well-founded decision.

Other of our books talk about medicinal marijuana such as "Positive Cannabis, Medicinal Oil".   In this book, Wernard Bruining will explain us how to supply ourselves with our own oil and the benefits we can obtain of such a natural substance. It is very little aggressive for our organism and  in comparison with other drugs such as benzocaine or anti spasms it's virtually harmless.

Not only have we got books in this section, but also a rich selection of DVD's. Learn everything you need to make your own cannabis crop at home with practical tutorials that will teach you in 1000 words every basic aspect of indoors growing. They display a lot of information in a very understandable way, so you'll become an expert before you can tell it. We have several DVDs of indoors growing and another one by the Seeds Bank GreenHouse Seeds that explains to grow all your varieties in a more particular way.

There are more "easy-going" growing books, where we are taught how to grow in everyday language. Juan Robledo teaches us all his tricks to get the maximum performance from your indoors and outdoors crops in a couple of books. His "Practical Manual for Know-It-All" teaches us everything we need to know in order to carry out an indoor crop successfully. Even if you think you know everything about growing, it will teach you a Master Class. His other book "Practical Manual for Sybarites" teaches us to grow healthy and strong outdoor plants to get a good production for self-supply. Tricks and advices to grow in all kind of land, greenhouses or to make gigantic seasonal plants so that you don't need to grow more than 1 or 2 at home per year.

If you want to improve your knowledge thanks to the most experienced growers in the world, all you have to do is getting your growing books and DVD's and following their advice. They are available in our catalogue of cannabis literature with great discounts.