144 Gi Grow Wheel system for growing cannabis

144 Gi Grow Wheel

Price €4,390.00

240 Gi-Grow Wheel

240 Gi-Grow Wheel

Price €6,800.00

Cooltube for the Gi Grow 144 systems solder

Cooltube Gi Grow 144

Price €63.90

Cooltube Gi Grow 240 Para Noria de cultivo Gi Grow solder

240 Gi Grow Cooltube

Price €175.00

Gi-Grow Maximum harvest system

Gi-Grow Maximum harvest system

With the Gi-grow you can take a different approach to growing cannabis. This maximum-yield system is designed to produce the most possible flowers on your cannabis plants. It’s a compact system that allows you to place a high amount of cannabis plants in an area less than 3m squared – up to 36 plants.

The Gi-Grow Wheel is a hydroponic system in which rockwool is used as a substrate. It’s fully automatic, so all you need to do is check on it periodically in order to make sure that it’s working fine and in order to replace the water once a week. When growing hydroponically you can get much larger yields, and if you add the fact that you’ll essentially be growing 7 square meters of plants, you’ll be growing an incredible amount of cannabis.

These wheels have an automatic watering system that’ll keep your plants fed while it turns. The drippers are along the top, and they have a detector that lets water flow once a row of plants reaches the tip. The faster the wheel spins, the less your plants will be watered and vice versa. You’ll need to be careful with this feature and check in on it every now and then; you don’t want the water to fall on your budding flowers or your plants may end up with rot issues.

It has a line of racks used to hold the plants up; you’ll be able to fit a certain amount of plants per rack depending on their size. You’ll need to place rockwool 10x10cm cubes in each line of racks – make sure the clones have already rooted so that they don’t fall when hanging upside down.

The middle of this device has a slot for a cooltube and two 600w lighting systems. The cooltube doesn’t have a reflector, so the light is constantly being evenly spread out over 360 degrees; your plants will have all of the light they need.

You can adjust its diameter to two different heights; one is for small plants, and the second is for when your plants begin to flower, allowing you to move the lights away further. We recommend flipping your clones to flower as soon as possible, as they can’t grow too tall in this device. If growing from seeds, make sure to choose small strains so that they don’t get out of control.

Once you’ve harvested your plants, it’s pretty easy to clean; your rockwool cubes should come out on their own and they hardly leave any dirt behind.

It’s made out of incredible strong materials that are rust-resistant; if you treat it right and clean it after every use you can get quite a long life out of one of these beauties. If you’re looking for somewhere to grow a large amount of plants without needing to take up that much space, this device is perfect for you; it saves space, time and electricity!