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Delicious Seeds Autofloreciente

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Delicious Seeds Autofloreciente

Delicious Seeds Auto - Autoflowering seeds

Seeds by Delicious Seeds bank in autoflowering format. The most exotic flavours and color s for plants that aren't affected by the photoperiod, in order to get quick harvests at any time of the year. Their flavor will make the biggest expert doubt if he's smoking an autoflowering strain. Get higher quality and flavour with all the autoflowering strains of Delicious Seeds.

There are varieties such as La Bella Afrodita, a hybrid of autoflowering with AK47. It gives plants that look like and have a similar effect to an Indica, all in a size that is not common at all for autoflowering plants. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors. When grown outdoors, it must always be done in the central summer months to get the best yields. Indoors, it will always give you the best possible results. You will get plants that produce almost 80 g each and 9 plants will fit in a 1 m2 gap easily. Their fruity and sweet tastes are misleading and before you can tell you will feel the strong corporal effect.

If you are looking for a more brainy effect, you can grow La Musa. This strain develops fully in just 70 days after sprouting, producing plants which yield 50 g of the finest quality weed. Their plants don't become too high, which is a very good thing for indoors growing so that light can reach every part of the plant and thick points develop all over the plant. Outdoors, it is a good way of doing camouflaged crops among other plants or an easy and discreet way of growing unnoticedly in the balcony. Their tastes remind of liquorice or bitter chocolate, it is slightly spicy and very different from any other variety you are used to smoke.

If your thing is fruity flavours, your strain is La Diva, a strain coming from the well-known Blueberry. It will produce plants with a relaxing effect and a taste that reminds of grapes or blackberries, with a very flashy bluish color . One of its main characteristics is the high amount of resin it produces, which increases the taste and the strength of the final product. We'll get plants that get 1.2 m high, producing an average of 50-60 g per plant in indoors growing with 9 plants per 600W spot. Outdoors we will get a slender, tall and thin plant with a good central point and heavy satellites at the edges of the branches, though the branches remain quite clear.

The lovers of Cheese strains are lucky since Delicious Seeds has a version of that variety that has been crossbred with Caramelo Auto. The abundant resin of this variety makes it possible to do large extractions from it with an incredible return, even from the bigger leaves. Delicious Candy produces plants similar to fir trees, tall and wide at the lower part, so we should never go beyond 9 plants per m2 inside if we want a decent harvest. Outdoors, it has no limits. All we have to do is getting a good spot with loads of sunlight, a regular fertilizing program and protect the plants from insects. By doing this one should easily get plants that produce between 60-80 g in 2 months.

One of the novelties of the bank is JotaMayuscula Purple Auto, a purple strain with the taste of a sweet hash. It produces quite dense and hard buds and its relaxing effect lets us imagine it comes from an Indica ancestry. This strain can be easily camouflaged in any garden. Indeed, given it is purple, nobody would tell it is marijuana. It will be ready for harvesting in 55-60 days so it is one of the quickest strains we can plant. 

If you are looking for autoflowering varieties of Delicious Seeds, you will find all their catalogue in our website and on offer. Besides, each strain comes with our written review so you have the opinion of trusted growers before making your choice. We trust our information is very helpful for growers who want extra information, in addition to the one provided by the seed bank.