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Delicious Seeds Bank Feminizadas

Delicious Seeds Feminized Exotic Strains

Delicious Seeds is a cannabis seed bank that has an amazing amount of exotic strains that any grower can appreciate. They have all kinds of genes, phenotypes, flavors and colors. All of their strains are delicious and highly productive – all you have to do is choose one that appeals to you.

Caramelo is one of their most grown strains; just the name makes us want to plant it. This plant has hybrid characteristics with a mental, energetic high and a marked relaxing stoned feeling towards the end. It comes from crossing a Lavender, which was hard to stabilize – this made for plants that don’t have a very long flowering period with energetic sativa-like energetic effects. You can grow it both indoors and outdoors without any issues, although if you grow it outdoors you’ll need to use preventive measures for fungi and pests. These plants have a pretty, blue/purple color, alongside a sweet, fruity flavor that’ll stick around in your mouth for a while.

Marmalate is a strain that can be used medicinally thanks to its marked physical effect without hardly any mental effects. This plant does quite well with pruning and topping, and its clones root quite well, so it’s perfect for making a mother plant and flowering its clones in a SoG system. This strain stretches up a bit indoors, and if you grow it from seed you might face some height issues. If you grow outdoors, you’ll have an open plant that gets all the light it needs. Its shape allows it to grow buds along each and every branch, making for a lot of side production and increasing the general final yield.

Another famous strain from this bank is Cheese Candy, a strain that becomes large and resinous, with which you’ll be able to grow in pretty much any medium. This plant flowers quite early and it can put up with high humidity, so it’s perfect for growing outdoors in any climate. Indoors, these plants have hard and dense flowers that aren’t too big. Outdoors, its long stems of bud and having no height restriction make for an enormous productive plant. It has quite an energetic effect with a relaxing come-down, perfect for recreational and medicinal sessions.

Find the perfect strain for you here in our catalogue where you can find one with the characteristics that you’re looking for; we have full descriptions written by our team of professionals so you know exactly what you’re buying. You can buy seeds from Delicious Seeds with incredible permanent discounts here at