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Bluelab Products

Bluelab Products Controllers and Meters

Bluelab is a company based in New Zealand that has over 30 years’ experience making measurement devices and controllers for pH, EC and temperature parameters, among others. They have small, versatile devices that can be used by casual gardeners as well as professional hydroponic growers that have large set ups and need precise readings.

If you can easily check your parameters, you can easily keep them in control. Their large catalogue of pH, EC, temperature and nutrient meters are used all around the world thanks to their simple yet intuitive, user-friendly designs. They’ve put quite a lot of effort into making devices that everybody can easily access and use.

Bluelab products are made out of super-strong materials, giving them a robust appearance. Their continuous pH and EC Bluelab Guardian meters allow you to have a continuous reading of the most relevant parameters in your nutrient solution, including temperature. This all-in-one product has a monitor with a screen that can help you to take various different meters instantly. Once one of your parameters gets out of control, the screen will begin blinking to let you know that something isn’t right. Save time and, overall, money with this super handy controller.

The Bluelab pH Controller Connect is a device designed specifically to keep your water’s pH under perfect control. This product will help you to know the exact pH in your grow at all times. It also adjusts the pH when it’s too high or low! The right pH for nutrient absorption in canna is between 5.5 and 6.5 pH. You can adjust practically every detail from your computer!

Bluelab products work absolutely splendidly and are incredibly precise. We highly recommend these devices to those that take their cannabis plants and gardening seriously – check out their amazing products and our amazing offers!