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Top Crop is a Spanish brand that designed and makes 100% organic fertilizers and stimulants. Top Crop’s products have been surprising us year after year, giving growers all over the world amazing results thanks to their fully eco-friendly ingredients.

We’d like to talk about some of our favorite Top Crop products, starting with Top Veg. This product makes for some intense, healthy growth, making for intensely strong branches that can hold up your plants’ buds. When growing outdoors, we recommend using it alongside Green Explosion, which is perfect for creating some enormously large plants that normally wouldn’t be ideal for growing indoors.

They also have a range of fertilizers for the flowering period, known as Top Bloom, which contains everything you plants need during this stage; high amounts of phosphorus and potassium in order to increase performance to the max. We recommend using it alongside Top Candy, which is used to increase the amount of sugars in your buds, fattening them and increasing the amount of resin produced.

Top Crop is known for their exclusive use of organic ingredients in their products, as well as the enormous catalogue and stock of products that they have, offering substrates, additives and fertilizers. Their different substrates have absolutely taken off when it comes to growing cannabis, especially Top Crop Complete Mix. It’s a high-quality, versatile soil substrate that contains nutrients that guarantee healthy roots and intense growth. We recommend adding some bat guano to their substrates, which increases their potential even more; Nitro Guano and Super Guano, which contain specific nutrients for your plants’ growth period and for the bud fattening period, respectively.

That’s not all, however; they also have a wide range of additives and stimulants for your plants, each one with its specific function. Barrier is used to increase the photosynthetic process, Deeper Underground is used to expand root structure and Top Auto is specific for autoflowering plants. Top Crop has a lot of different kits too, each designed for specific experience levels; if you’re a beginner, the Top Crop Tripack is a great way to start, and if you’re a more experienced grower, the Complete Top Crop Kit is the best.

We could spend hours upon hours talking about Top Crop’s incredibly potent and professional products and the amazing results they provide. All of their products are made fully organically, and we highly recommend that you try them out for yourself so that you can see the amazing, intense results that we’ve been talking about – if you want professional results, Top Crop is the brand for you.