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Grow Tent Products

Grow Tent, all products by the brand

When we talk about indoor growing we necessarily need to talk about grow tents and cabinets. Grow Tent is one of the most innovative brands on the market of grow cabinets in terms of both design and material. This company from San Francisco brings quality products to those who want to grow indoors at a low cost.  They have been renewing their range of products for the last few years, and today they offer 3 lines of tents: the Shorty, the Lite and the Gorilla lines.

One of the differences with regard to other indoor grow tents is the possibility of adjusting height, which makes them unique. On top of it, Grow Tent use high quality and very reflective material in their products, which allows the grower to make the most of their plants.

Used along with good anti-odor filters, these cabinets let you cultivate anonymously thanks to their anti-detection walls. These are insulated, strong and resistant cabinets. In their website you can find images showing people hanging from the rods the cabinets' ceiling, which gives an idea about how resistant they are. No matter how heavy your carbon filters are, it won't be a problem for your grow tent.

Grow Tent Lines

The Gorilla line owes its name to the characteristics their products share with this animal: strength, durability, intelligence and reliability. This line is divided in 8 products, according to sizes and needs. Measurements are in inches, with an adjustable height that ranges from 7 to 10 inches. The material is much thicker and uses 1680D thread -whereas average cabinets feature a thread between 190 and 800. It means it is more or less twice as thick as other grow tents and this guarantees there will be no light leaks towards the outside and, conversely, no light will penetrate inside.

Thicker walls not only prevent light pollution but they also ensure great thermal insulation and are more likely to avoid smell leakages. They also let you water by flooding, without getting water spilling all over around your grow tents. These tents feature windows that allow you to keep an eye on your plants without having to open them or make noise with the zippers. Its diamond reflective technology guarantees a homogeneous distribution of lumens, eliminating dead points or lumens and heat concentration points at certain locations.

The Lite Line, as its name indicates, is a line with a thinner cloth which implies cheaper prices and lighter shipments. However, cabinet walls are still thick enough to avoid light pollution in both senses. These grow tents include the biggest zippers on the market to ensure hermetic sealing. Although walls are thinner, they still have the same diamond reflective sheeting and are of a very decent quality so that growers that cannot spend so much can still enjoy a great product. Tents of this line feature an anti-insect mesh to be used as a pre-filter and help us fight pests. Like the products of the Gorilla line, Lite Line products also include an internal pocket to keep the products we use the most at hand. Height can also be adjusted with the aid of a kit bought separately. Despite featuring thinner walls, irrigation by flooding is also possible with no risk of water leakage. Unlike other grow tents that let light pass through the walls or where the zippers tend to get stuck, the products from the Lite Line offer you quality and reliability at an affordable price.

If this wasn't enough, the brand from San Francisco brings us also the line named Shorty. This range of tents has been designed for those growing in basements, attics and any location in general where height is limited. Though it is mainly intended for this purpose, there is a kit to increase the height, if need be. It is made from the same material as tents of the Gorilla Line and features anti-detection technology and anti infrared light. The structure of these tents is so strong they can take up to 300 pounds weights.  You can expect the same hermeticity and visibility (windows) displayed by Gorilla Lite's products.

In short, whatever your needs are, Grow Tent has a product to meet them.