Secret Jardin Products

  • Drynet Malla de secado modular

    DryIT 45 Secret Jardin

    DryIT is a modular drying-rack system that’s used by hanging it from the ceiling, drying your cannabis in the grow tent you grew it in.

  • reflector daisy

    Daisy Reflector by Secret Jardin

    Daisy by Secret Jardin is the first umbrella-shaped reflector on the market. It’s a new system capable of improving on the efficiency of classic reflectors and it doesn’t even weight that much.

  • Luminaria Secret Jardin TNeon 22 x 55 w

    Secret Garden TNeon 2 x 55w Grow Light

    Secret Jardin TNeon 2 x 55 W grow light is the perfect choice for rooting clones or for a small grow tent. You can also use fluorescent tubes.

  • Armario Dark Propagator

    Dark Propagator IV 90 x 60 x 90cm

    The 90x60x90cm Dark Propagator IV by Secret Jardin is a grow tent that has the perfect size designed specifically for rooting cuttings and germinating seeds.

  • Armario Dark Street II

    Dark Street II Grow Tent

    Dark Street II by Secret Jardin are top quality grow tents that don’t let light in or out, they’re water proof and are lined with Mylar. The interior is also lined with reflective hammer-toned material.

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  • Armario Dark Room II

    Armario Dark Room II

    Dark Room II by Secret Jardin is one of the most-used tents in the world of cannabis. It’s made out of the best possible materials and has all qualities needed when it comes to growing cannabis.

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  • Lodge R

    Lodge R Grow Tent

    Lodge R4.0 by Secret Jardin is a grow tent with a strong structure and reflective walls that has a handy wall that splits it in two, making it perfect for small-time growers who want to grow mother plants or alternate growing methods.

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  • Armario Dark Room Twin

    Armario Dark Room Twin

    Dark Room Twin by Secret Jardin is a grow tent with two separated spaces that allows for the growth of mother plants and cuttings, or using a compartment for growth and the other for flowering.

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  • CloneBox - Armario Con Ventanas 125x65x120 Cm

    R2.6 120 x 60 x 120cm Dark Propagator

    Dark Propagator R2.6 is the perfect grow tent used to root clones thanks to its small size, allowing you to root clones on its three trays. You can fit up to 12 propagators inside with their corresponding lights.

  • Armario Dark Room Wide II

    Armario Dark Room Wide II

    Dark Room Wide II by Secret Jardin is a large grow tent made out of top quality materials, easily accessible both in the front and back.

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  • Armarios Cultivo Grandes Intense Secret Garden

    Intense Secret Garden Grow Tent

    Intense by Secret Jardin is a very large cannabis grow tent where you’ll be able to grow plenty of plants anywhere you want; fast and easy to set up.

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  • Armario Dark Dryer
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    Dark Dryer Tent

    Dark Dryer by Secret Jardin is a tent designed specifically for drying cannabis. Its walls have thousands of microscopic holes in them, allowing air to flow but no light to access your buds whatsoever.

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Secret Jardin Products

Secret Jardin is one of the best grow tent brands out there. They began back in 2006 in Belgium, and since then they’ve been creating some of the most efficient grow tents on the market. This company is known for the high quality technology used in their grow tents, as they were one of the first ever companies to use dimpled Mylar, reflecting over 95% of light inside the tents. Secret Jardin has various different ranges to choose from called Hobby, Expert, Professional and Propagation.

All of Secret Jardin’s products have been designed, developed and made by professional growers, obviously, that know what cannabis homegrowers need when it comes to growing indoors. They have tents that come in different sizes too, they’re all incredibly sturdy and light weight.

Their most popular model is the Dark Room II. This excellent grow is perfect for experienced growers, as it’s made out of incredibly high-quality materials. It’s made out of thick, strong materials so that no light can get in or out, and its walls reflect up to 95% light easily. It’s available in different sizes too, in order to meet every growers needs.

Their Intense model is their largest grow tent. Being inside it is like being camping! These large grow rooms have the same exact qualities as the dark Room II but they are much bigger – you can basically set up a whole new room inside an already existing room. You’ll be able to grow large amounts of plants here without any light getting out or in, maintaining the perfect temperature – these tents are also undetectable by thermal cameras.

Their Dark Propagator is great for rooting clones or germinating your seeds, keeping new saplings nice and healthy. It has shelves that you can use and two sides, allowing you to place different lights or types of plants. The amount of clones you can fit depends on how large they are, but you can fit up to 100 average sized ones.

Secret Jardin is always thinking about the comfort of home growers, giving us a wide range of tents to choose from. If you’re looking to start growing cannabis indoors, Secret Jardin is one of the better choices.