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Wilma Products

Wilma Products, Pots and Cultivation Systems

Wilma by Atami’s hydroponic systems are designed to allow cannabis plants to Grow to the best of their abilities, giving them access to everything that they need. Wilma systems guarantee that you don’t have to water manually. They’re definitely one of the most used systems in the world at this stage when it comes to hydroponic growing, especially when it comes to growing cannabis indoors. Their prices are highly competitive, and they’re made by one of the best fertilizer brands too, Atami.

At we have all sorts of Wilma models so that any grower can find the perfect device. The Wilma system will make you feel like you’re growing in soil with all of the advantages of growing hydroponically. Wilma products are super versatile and they can all be used with each-other, so you can get your system and pots separately. They have systems classified as large, Small/Wide and XXL, allowing you to grow from 4 to 20 plants in different sized flowerpots.

If you want to grow your own cannabis but don’t have much space, we recommend using the large 4 11L pot system, which allows you to grow a few plants into large yielders thanks to the larger flowerpots. Its square tank makes it perfect for placing inside a small or average-sized grow tent with enough space for your plants to sit comfortably.

The Small Wide Wilma system has a rectangular tank and can fit 10 6.5L flowerpots. This format is highly appreciated among veteran growers for growing clones and flipping them straight to flower. Of course, you can also use it to grow normal plants but they’ll probably be smaller and won’t produce as many flowers as clones would. You’ll be able to avoid plants growing too big, and you’ll also be able to grow them much faster using this system.

Wilma XXL is highly recommended for growers that have a lot of space to grow in – it has a 150L tank and contains 20 6L flowerpots. This model is definitely the one that gives the most immediate performance, producing amazing plants in no time at all. You can use it to cut growth times in half and increase flowering speeds quite a lot. This system is perfect for using with clay balls – you’ll need a much larger grow tent or a room set up for cannabis plants for this system, keep in mind that it’s quite a lot of plants and you’ll need the corresponding power and fertilizers.

Wilma’s hydroponic systems guarantee amazing results without hardly any effort on your part. They have been working for many years now to keep growers all over the world happy. We recommend these systems for both beginners and experts alike – Wilma is the brand for you!