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B.A.C. Products

B.A.C. fertilizers and additives products

BAC is a Dutch company that creates high end fertilizers and nutrients that are perfect for experienced cannabis growers. Unlike their competitors, BAC is much younger, having started in 2002. They started off as a hydroponic shop for growing roses.

After years and years of hearing the same basic questions, they realized that not many people knew what they were doing, so they started to create fertilizers that people could use and understand easily. They used the feedback from their customers in order to come up with the perfect products.

BAC believes that quantity and quality can be grown together, and they believe that it’s necessary to pay much more attention to organic products in all aspects of life, especially when it comes to growing plants that you will be consuming at a later date.

They have various different nutrient ranges, including a chemical range, although their most popular range is their incredibly efficient organic products, which provide incredible results. Organic Grow makes for incredibly strong plants and thick trunks. It’s an absolute treat to see your plants looking so healthy and green. Our expert growers tried it out with some Plant Vitality Plus in order to protect their plants from insect infestations, resulting in absolutely indestructible plants.

Another amazing product is Organic Bloom, which gives your plants a complete micro-nutrient base for the flowering period. If possible, we recommend using it alongside Bloom Stimulator, which increases your plants’ growth and makes for enormously hefty flowers. You’ll probably end up drooling when you finally get to harvest your delicious buds.

BAC Nutrients has been surprising growers for years, which is why we heartily recommend them to all of our customers. If you want explosive growth, BAC is the way to go.