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General Hydroponics Products

General Hydroponics Europe Products

General Hydroponics of Europe (GHE) has been around for over 40 years now, constantly innovating. A group of scientists and engineers joined their knowledge and turned this company into the leading hydroponic nutrient company when it comes to growing hydroponic plants professionally.

General Hydroponics produces fertilizers that are specifically designed for use in hydroponic systems, such as mineral bases for the growth and flowering period that give plants the exact macro and micro-nutrients needed to grow of flower correctly. Their three most popular products are Micro, Grow and Bloom, each one used during a specific period in your plants’ cycle.

They also deal in incredibly potent and effective additives for plants from hydroponically; GHE’s products work best when used alongside the rest of their range. If you use Mineral Magic alongside the rest of their usual base products, your plants will be able to get nutrients that would normally receive from substrate – it improves flavor and when harvested, plants taste and smell more like organic, soil-grown plants.

Another amazing product is Pro Roots, an amazing root stimulant. When used, this product increases the size and surface area of your roots, which means that they can absorb a lot more nutrients and grow much more. Ripen is another professional product, perfect for the end of the flowering period; it improves the aroma, flavor and immune system of cannabis plants thanks to the fact that in generates an enormous amount of resin.

GHE, as well as dealing in quality hydroponic fertilizers, also sells large hydroponic systems in different sizes to fit everyone’s needs. Our favorite systems are the Panda Hydro and the Aeroflo. GHE’s Aeroflo comes in various sizes, allowing you to grow from 20 to 84 plants at once. Aeroflo makes for quite a speedy growth and flowering process. They’re super easy to use, and it’s like automating the entire process, as your plants will have constant access to water and nutrients. Their misting system gives your plants’ roots the perfect oxygen/water ratio, which increases the amount they can feed too. Simply germinate your seeds in a rockwool cube and once they root, place them in an Aeroflo and watch the magic work! You don’t need to transplant at all, simply switch out the nutrient/water solution every week and make sure that it has the right pH and EC levels.

Hydroponically grown cannabis plants tend to produce larger yields in much less time – with GHE systems and their nutrients, fertilizers and additives, you can get some absolutely incredible results without much experience at all. Here at we have all of General Hydroponics products’ in stock in various different formats, depending on the amount you need and the amount of plants you have.