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Dutch Passion Regular

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Dutch Passion Regular

Dutch Passion Regular Seeds Collection

Regular Dutch Passion Seeds

Dutch Passion is a Dutch seed bank that's been spreading their strains all over the world for more than 30 years. These strains have been maintained for ages so that you can re-plant your favorite plants again and again. Their regular seeds give you the chance of growing your favorite strains in their best possible version. Indeed, regular seeds are generally stronger, more stress-resistant and higher-yielding. Besides, you can use them to make your own hybrids, adding in strong and old genetic makeups that will prevail in the mix.

Original Blueberry Cannabis Strain Information

Blueberry is one of their best known and most widely grown strains. It may be due to its fast bloom, its flashy color or its relaxing but not narcotic effect. It has also the peculiarity of producing very hard buds like indicas but in long colas, like sativas do. It can be grown indoors or outdoors, giving very good results in both media. If you grow it indoors you'll find less difficulties than outdoors. A weekly organic feeding and a balanced pH will suffice to get the maximum harvest. It is outdoors where you can make more mistakes, since it is easy not to have the right parameters all the times over such a long growing cycle. However, you could harvest up to 600g per plant so it is worth pampering it.

Original Power Plant Cannabis Strain Information

Power Plant is one of our favorite strains in the bank, since it has a quick flowering period for a sativa. It is a good producer and its taste does attract attention. It is a strain that grows very well indoors and outdoors. It adopts a very flashy light green color. The pistils on the calyx are shorter than usual, giving a weird look to the buds. Indoors, it has a fast flowering period that won't take too long to start once the light schedule has changed and that won't stop until the end. Outdoors, this strain develops better in a warm climate, but which will look very much like indoor plants. It is ideal for the smoker who smokes for inspiration since its effect is very mentally active.

Original Mazar Cannabis Strain Information

Mazar is one of the most widely grown strains by this seed bank. It's a 100% indica of fast bloom and maximum production. Ideally, it should be grown at 18h during the first 10-12 days and then flipped 12h. You should be able to harvest 500g per 600W light. Indoors, you can grow large plants with long colas that will thrive in hot and warm climates. These plants dislike humidity and cold, although they will only impair their growth relatively since they are not weak. You must provide your Mazar crop with plenty of space to grow and become tall and slender. This strain has a strong and sweet taste, with a wooden/incensed aftertaste. This is one of the strains you must plant at least once if you want to know what a good harvest means.

Original Mazar Cannabis Strain Information

When you grow seeds by Dutch Passion you are planting part of marijuana history. You can find your ideal strain by reading the reviews and descriptions written by ourselves. Learn about their effects, growing techniques and tips to get the best production from real growers' experience. Besides, thanks to our permanent offers, you can enjoy your Dutch Passion Regular seeds at the best prices available.