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CBD Feminized Seeds

  • CBD Seeds – Classic...
    <p><strong>Classic Feminized Strains by CBD Seeds</strong></p> <p><strong>CBD Seeds likes to catalogue their seeds</strong> into collections so that you can pick the perfect strain. Here in the classic collection you can find typical classic strains in their original version so that you can enjoy flavors and effects that will remind you of the first time you smoked – these plants are also super strong and easy to grow thanks to how genetically balanced they are.</p> <h2>High Quality Old School Strains</h2> <h3>Classic Widow Seeds</h3> <p><strong>One of our favorites is <a href="">Widow</a></strong>, a plant that won’t disappoint no matter where you grow it. It grows strong with quite a <strong>compact, short structure</strong>. Once it begins flowering it won’t grow upwards much more; the branches will get thicker and all of the tips will be basking in sunlight. This strain is highly <strong>recommended for indoor grows</strong>, as its structure allows it to absorb light almost everywhere and you don’t need many plants to cover a square meter space. Outdoors, you’ll have plenty of buds ready to harvest towards <strong>September</strong>, and you can get up to <strong>1kg per plant</strong>.</p> <h3>Classic Northern Seeds</h3> <p><strong><a href="">Northern</a> </strong>is their best indica, a strain that’s been kept for years in order to give consumers the original flavor and marked effect. This strain makes wide plants with long branches covered in buds. It can be <strong>grown indoors or outdoors</strong> as long as you live in a warm climate – you can get high yields from both methods if done right. You’ll be rewarded with thick and extremely resinous buds, with a hearty, earthy flavor. It flowers quite fast, <strong>after just 65 days indoors</strong> it’ll be ready to harvest; mid-September outdoors. It has quite a dense smoke, satiating even the most experienced smoker, and its narcotic and sedative effect makes it perfect for the end of the day.</p> <h3>Classic Kali Seeds</h3> <p><strong>Northern’s polar opposite is Kali</strong>, their most characteristic sativa. It takes a while to flower, but it’ll make up for it with its record-breaking yields. Indoors, this plant is a bit hard to grow, as it grows quite tall when flowering and it can get too close to the lights. You’ll need to use a <strong>SCRoG method</strong> to control it or just grow it outdoors. Indoors it’ll <strong>take 75 days to flower</strong>, giving up to <strong>500g</strong> per square meter, and outdoors it should be ready towards November, and you can get <strong>up to 1.5kg</strong> from just one seasonal outdoor plant. It has an energetic and happy high, perfect for smoking with friends and to have a good time.</p> <p>CBD Seeds Strain Collection</p> <p><strong>There are many different strains that CBD Seeds has on offer</strong>, conserving classic strains that old school smokers will highly appreciate.</p> <p>You can check out all of their strains, and each seed has a specific description with all of its characteristics and the best ways to grow it, written by our <strong>team of experts</strong> here at Growbarato, so that you know what you’re buying before it reaches your door. Come get your seeds at the best price available, as we have <strong>permanent discounts available all year round</strong>.</p>
  • CBD Seeds - Medicinal...
    <h2>Medicinal Feminized CBD Seeds</h2> <p>CBD seeds presents <strong>their medicinal collection, a series of strains with therapeutic effects</strong> for your body which will help you improve your quality of life. <strong>You can find a natural alternative to your problems</strong> by making tinctures, vaporizing or smoking marijuana.<br /><br />Usually, the<strong> use of cannabis for medicinal purposes is linked to pains and insomnia, but it contains many other beneficial properties.</strong> Cannabis exerts different types of effects on our bodies; <strong>some are more cerebral and others more muscular.</strong> Depending on the effect you're looking for, you can choose one strain or another.</p> <h2>CBD Seeds - Medicinal Strains</h2> <h3>Vanilla Haze Medicinal Strain</h3> <p><a href="">Vanilla Haze</a> is a strain<strong> used to stimulate the mind without psychoactive effects</strong>, which makes it<strong> ideal for people that suffer from depression.</strong> When you don't feel like doing anything, its cerebral stimulation will quickly <strong>infuse you with the will to be active and you'll start having different ideas.</strong> You'll <strong>leave the house with a smile</strong>. As a plant, it takes quite a while to grow indoors, with around 11 flowering weeks. However, outdoors it will be ready in October. Along <strong>with its positive and smiley effect,</strong> you can enjoy a <strong>citric and incensed flavor</strong> worthy of the best Haze strains.</p> <h3>Magma Medicinal Strain</h3> <p>In order to obtain a <strong>more relaxing and pain-killing effect</strong> they have <a href="">Magma</a>, a powerful indica with strong medicinal properties. It will give you <strong>sedating and pain-killing effects,</strong> perfect in order to fight insomnia and nervousness and, in the case of eating disorders, <strong>induce appetite.</strong> It is very easy to grow and it won't require many nutrients or fertilizers. It can be grown outdoors and indoors and will be ready in some 60 days of flowering. <strong>Outdoors, it will be ready to harvest before the first rains of September</strong>. Its taste is very much like the <strong>sweet and citric Critical, with dense smoke</strong> that will make you <strong>feel its strength from the very first drag.</strong></p> <h3>One to One Medicinal Strain</h3> <p><strong>One to One is a strain with a perfectly balanced content of THC and CBD,</strong> which provides purely medicinal effects and is not psychoactive at all. <strong>The high amount of CBD counteracts the psychoactive effect of THC,</strong> leaving only the positive medicinal effects, such as improvement of appetite and reduction of nausea and vomiting. <strong>You'll get a clear effect that will allow you to function perfectly,</strong> so you won't be hindered in your daily tasks. Its <strong>predominant terpene is limonene</strong> which, besides having <strong>a very marked citric taste, creates positive physiological effects such as an increase of attention span and or anti-cancerous properties. It also helps gastric acidity and can be used to fight depression.</strong></p> <h2>Where to buy medicinal cannabis seeds</h2> <p><strong>If you're looking for a strong medicinal strain you can find exactly what you want right here.</strong> You can find the descriptions of all strains and follow our advice in order to choose the right one for you. Now, you can <strong>get your CBD seeds at the best price.</strong> Enjoy our permanent offers and <strong>save money in the process.</strong></p>
CBD Seeds Feminized Seeds 2 collections

Classic and Medicinal Strains by CBD Seeds

CBD Seeds is a Spanish seed bank that works with their cannabis strains in collections. The ones made for recreational purposes are in their Classic Line, and their medicinal seeds are in their Medical Collection.

CBD Seeds Classic Collection

Within the classic collection, we can find the strains that CBD Seeds wants to keep alive; classic strains in their original format. They have all kinds of flavors and genotypes so you can pick the perfect one for you. They also have some star strains in the world of cannabis that have been selected and stabilized in order to bring you the best possible strains.

Amnesia 5 - Classic Collection

Strains such as Amnesia 5, which blends all of the characteristics you’d be looking for in a strain with such a name. It grows tall, with a decent central calyx which is extremely productive and resinous. It has an incensed and earthy flavor, typical of such strains, and you can grow it indoors and outdoors. It has an unmatchable effect that is mentally intoxicating.

Kali - Classic Collection

Kali gives us large, strong plants which are perfect for outdoor grows. It grows with long stems of heavy buds, meaning that you’ll need to train the plants so that the branches don’t bend and break. It has an energetic effect, and it’s a strain that does well in all kinds of climates, although if it’s going to be very cold you should plant it straight into the ground. The only thing you’ll need to do is use a fungicide as a preventive measure; preferably organic. Indoors you should grow this strain from clones, or it will definitely get much too big.

CBD Seeds Medicinal Collection

Their medicinal collection includes strains that are medicinal and can be beneficial for people that suffer pains or disorders. Not all cannabis is medicinal because it’s relaxing or narcotic – some people use it for depression, others for loss of appetite, and others as pain relief.

One to One - Medicinal Collection

A standard strain that is good for general aches and pains is One to One, a strain with a 1:1 THC/CBD ratio. Due to having such a high CBD content, the psychoactive effect made by THC is highly reduced, and you’ll only experience its medicinal effects. It gives a good yield both indoors and outdoors, and it has a very Critical-like taste.

Magma - Medicinal Collection

Magma is the strain that you’re looking for if you want pain-relief. This indica strain gives users an extremely strong relaxing effect that’s capable of palliating many different kinds of intense pains that would tend to need much stronger medication with side effects.

Whatever strain you’re looking for, medicinal or recreational, CBD Seeds has the perfect strain for you. You’ll find highly productive strains with your favorite flavor or effect. Each seed has a complete description written by our team of professionals here at Growbarato, as well as permanent discounts.