Sensi Seeds Regular Autoflowering

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Rudelaris Indica Regular

Rudelaris Indica Regular

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Ruderalis Skunk Regular cannabis plant

Ruderalis Skunk Regular

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Sensi Seeds Regular Autoflowering

Sensi Seeds - The First Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering seeds by Sensi Seeds in regular format. Autoflowering male and female seeds to make your own crosses. These strains provide amazing results thanks to having been selected based on their strength and flavor.

High yielding regular autoflowering strains

They currently have two autoflowering regular strains; Rudelaris Indica and Rudelaris Skunk. They can be used to make your very own brand new strains, and you can also choose to cross them with each other, which will lead to very balanced and stable yields in terms of weight, strength and flavor. Autoflowering plants don't stress out when they get a lot of light at night and thus they are ideal for discreet grows on city balconies.

Autoflowering Regular Strains for making Hybrids

Rudelaris Indica will result in short plants with a great apical bud. They are full of resin and their effects tend to be relaxing. If you cross this strain with a feminized strain, you will get 25% autoflowering plants and 75% seasonal plants, but with an amazingly shortened flowering period. You can always cross this variety with your own plants. Another characteristic of plants coming from this seed is that they will be ready in about 60 days after sprouting. Therefore, it is very easy to get a quick harvest both indoors and outdoors by using it.

If you cross these seeds with each other, you can produce an infinity of seeds.

Simply by crossing an average-sized female plant with a male one, it is possible to get up to 1500 seeds. These cannabis seeds have a high germination rate and will be ready to be sown after just 10-12 months of drying. If they are still too fresh, it is better to refrain from sowing them, since they will most likely result in deformed plants that will yield virtually no flowers.

The second strain is Rudelaris Skunk, a seed which will produce plants with a typical Skunk flavor and strength, but whose flowering period won't be determined by light schedules. Autoflowering plants can exhibit two types of automatic flowering. In the first case, seeds start flowering after a certain number of days since they first sprouted while, seeds of the second type, such as Rudelaris Skunk, follow a different pattern. In the second case, 50% of the seeds start flowering after a certain number of days and the remaining 50% once plants have reached a certain size. As a result, not all Rudelaris Skunk will be the same size.

How to make regular autoflowering strains

If you cross these plants with each other, it is possible to get high quality plants both in terms of quality and weight both indoors and outdoors. If you add an autoflowering regular seed to a cross with another variety, you will get plants that flower much quicker, produce more resin or feature a distinct earthy/muddy Skunk taste.

Whatever you do with them, you'll get plants that have not been modified genetically but that simply come from a conscious selection aimed at producing the best specimens. So, if you want to grow maximum quality autoflowering plants and don't mind sacrificing some male plants, you'll find your needs covered with regular Sensi Seeds Autoflowering plants. Besides, you can find them here with attractive discounts, a detailed description and tips to consider when growing them. In this way, you can get your seeds more easily and avoid unpleasant surprises when growing.