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Sensi seeds
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Indoor Mix

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Sensi Seeds Regular

Sensi Seeds - Regular Seeds Collection

Sensi Seeds | The Best Regular Seeds

Sensi Seeds is the most renowned seed bank in the world. Their strains have been planted by almost all cannabis growers all over the planet, at least once, with great results. Now you can enjoy their classic strains in the classic format, i.e. the regular version. You will be able to select mother plants that won't perish with time or make your own seeds by mixing males and females, making hybrids with other strains or keeping and breeding females to achieve the best version of your favorite strain. A regular plant will always work out better than a feminized one, showing more strength and featuring a more intense flavor.

Original Jack Herer Seeds

California Indica is one of our favorite strains since these plants are very generous even when grown with little care. It is an ideal strain for outdoor growers. With good soil, rich in nutrients, good sun exposure and a regular watering schedule, you can get quality, high yielding plants. It is a mix of Orange Bud and an Afghan, which gives it a very noticeable flavor of sweet citrus. Its resin yield has been increased thanks to its Afghan genes. Indoors, you will get plants that grow compact and strong, with good trunks and branches. When you set them to flower, they can bear their own weight easily and yield up to 450g per m2. Outdoors, this plant appreciates sun and nice weather and, given the right conditions, it will grow almost as wide as it does tall. It produces buds along the tips of the branches and along the central cola. Its buds are very dense and heavy. By mid or end September your harvest will be ready for cutting, with an approximate yield of 700g per plant.

Then, there's Mexican Sativa, one of the first strains we got to try at and a real pleasure for any outdoor grower. This strain grows virtually on its own: it barely needs any water and it is pretty much the same with regards to fertilization. All you'll have to do is provide it with good soil and make sure it is sufficiently hydrated. She'll do the rest. It produces thin and long flowers, consisting of hundreds of balls of buds which, together, form long colas. Indoors, it will be a bit difficult to handle so it is not a really profitable option under grow lights. However, outdoors it can be the perfect plant for many growers. Beginners will find it is quite easy to grow. This strain will also suit those growers who cannot afford to visit their plants more than once a week, as it doesn't need much care at all. It is an early flowering sativa plant and has an energetic and happy effect, ideal for having a laugh with your friends.

Growing Jack Herer Reg

Their ultra famous Jack Herer is the most popular and demanded strain by the bank. This strain is dedicated to an American cannabis activist to whom the breeders wanted to pay tribute. This plant grows ungainly and thin, but its flowers are a true gift for the senses. It produces a pleasant state of euphoria and mental intoxication, inducing fleeting and crazy ideas. Its incensed flavor is very remarkable and no matter how many times you smoke it, it will never taste the same. It produces 3 different genotypes, two of them being very recognizable. One has a quick bloom and produces denser and harder flowers. The other one takes longer to bloom and buds come up less dense. Contrary to what you might think, the most sought-after genotype is the open one. It is an ideal strain for outdoor crops in warm climates, where we'll be able to get a more abundant production than in a humid climate. However, it is still difficult to harvest more than 500g per plant.

If you are looking for top quality regular seeds, Sensi Seeds brings us their collection developed over 30 years of work. These varieties will produce both males and females so that you can create your own seeds, do crosses or select a mother which will keep its original vigor over the years. You'll find your regular Sensi Seeds at the best prices in our catalogue. Enjoy our offers and find your favorite seeds while you save money.