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Ionic fertilizers and nutrients for marijuana

Ionic is an incredible nutrient manufacturer that creates professional products that increase your plants growth enormously. You’ll be able to give your plants the perfect amount of nutrients needed to grow professionally. IONIC uses only the best and purest mineral salts in their products.

Ionic has their very own nutrient range, and they also offer a full kit from which you can choose soil, coco coir and hydro products with the corresponding bases and essential components needed for large, quality yields.

Formulex is a root stimulant that helps your plants to absorb more nutrients and water during the first few days of their lives, making for incredibly strong plants after just a few days of growth. This is one of their most sold products alongside their rooting hormones – everyone’s heard of Clonex, one of the best rooting gels out there for making your very own clones.

Liquid Oxygen is another one of their star products; when growing cannabis hydroponically, sometimes it’s hard to keep the water to oxygen ratio up, whether it’s due to water movement or the temperature. Liquid Oxygen is used to increase the amount of oxygen in your plants’ water, which increases size and yield considerably.

Liquid Silicon is used to protect your plants and make them much stronger, creating a sort of second skin for your plants which make the stems and branches thicker. Sometimes plants can bend to one side during the flowering period; with Liquid Silicon your plants will have a much thicker trunk, which means that they’ll be able to deal with more weight during the flowering stage.

Give your plants a push in the right direction during the growing period with Nitrozyme, a growth stimulant that causes your plants to produce new sprouts. When sprayed on your plants you’ll soon start seeing new shoots; it’s perfect for mother plants. You should use it two weeks before making cuttings for the best possible results.

Another one of their most sold products are pH acidic regulating products. These highly concentrated products can be used to lower or increase the pH in your nutrient mix. They’re perfect for drip irrigation systems and hydroponic systems – it doesn’t require much liquid and it also doesn’t require EC.

They also have a potent fattening additive called PK Boost. Thanks to its perfect formula, you can use it to increase the size of your plants’ flower.

Products such as GreenMist Humic help your plants out at the start of their short lives, helping them to increase root size and promoting growth. Your plants will feed much more and absorb nutrients more efficiently.

If you’re looking for quality mineral fertilizers for your plants in order to increase yield, you’ve come to the right place; Ionic has plenty of incredibly potent fertilizers, additives and stimulants that are perfect for cannabis plants.