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Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion feminized cannabis seeds

Dutch Passion Feminized Dutch Cannabis Strains

Dutch Passion is a Dutch seed bank that any grower worth his or her salt knows about – as well as being around for years now and having won numerous cannabis cups, they’re still creating new strains and improving themselves. They have plants for all walks of life; giant sativas, narcotic and relaxing indicas, and hybrids that have the best of both to offer.

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There have colorful, delicious strains such as Blueberry, a strain that has won lots of different cannabis cups and that has been on the market for years now. These plants can be slightly difficult to grow, as you need to keep a close eye on the pH and EC if you want them to flower and grow properly. As a reward for the meticulous care needed, these plants will produce long, blue-tinted buds that are full of resin and flavor even on the largest leaves. It has a relaxing, pleasing effect without being completely narcotic. You’ll be able to enjoy its tranquil effect without becoming couch-locked. Outdoors it gives quite high yields, and although it can grow quite tall it doesn’t grow many leaves.

Another strain that stands out is Power Plant, a fast-flowering sativa that’s capable of giving large yields in just 8 flowering weeks. These plants grow a beautiful, eye-catching almost neon green color. When it flowers it grows lots of calyxes together, making for extremely dense buds with shorter pistils than usual. Indoors it doesn’t grow too much and can easily appreciate the light from the lamps. Outdoors, although these plants won’t grow over a meter tall, you can get up to 600g per plant. It has an energizing and strong effect.

Holland’s Hope is a strain that’s perfect for those that need a plant that can do well with high humidity and lower temperatures. This plant is used to the Dutch climate, which is considerably colder than anywhere in Spain. This makes for plants that won’t rot towards the end of the grow which is something that happens a lot towards the North of Spain and mountainy areas. Indoors this plant flowers with large buds on the tips of the branches, although it’s a bit too big for indoors. Outdoors is where this strain does best, and the weed it produces can have an extremely long-lasting effect.

Feminized strains of all kinds

Whatever it is that you’re looking for in a plant, you’re guaranteed to find it in Dutch passion’s catalogue – find the perfect seed for you and your grow conditions, improving yield and growing weed that you know you’re going to enjoy. All of this at the best possible price, as we have permanent offers on all seeds here at Growbarato.