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Ph Down Min Plagron 1L
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pH Min

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Plagron Fertilizers, additives and substrates

Plagron is a Dutch company that offers both organic and mineral fertilizers so that, regardless of your growing style, you can find the right product for you! Their most used products are their organic range, as they naturally increase flavors and aromas.

Alga Grow is a growth fertilizer that gives your plants a little push at the start of their life. Your plants will look green and healthy, with thick trunks and strong branches capable of holding up enormous flowers. Alga Bloom is used during the flowering period, increasing flavor and strength. If you use Mega Worm in your plants’ substrate during the first few days, you’ll be able to increase the size of their root system, too. Bat Guano is another product that, when mixed in with soil, increases the thickness and density of your buds.

Green Sensation gives your plants the best possible flowering period organically, although there is a chemical version. This product gives your plants a combination of micro-nutrients that are incredibly important for cannabis plants, helping them to produce flowers on top of flowers, making for quite an impressive plant. Sugar Royal is used to increase density and resin in flowers, increasing weight and flavor. This product is one of Plagron’s best-sellers!

Their mineral range is for growers looking to get maximum yields without caring too much for over-all aroma and flavor. You’ll be giving your plants quality mineral salts that can be absorbed super easily by your plants – they’ll feed fast and grow even faster.

Power Roots increases the size of your plants’ root system, allowing them to absorb as much water and nutrients as possible – this is one of the first additives that you’ll need to use. You’ll be able to help your plants at the very start of their growth when their roots are extremely vulnerable. You can increase the size of the roots and increase nutrient/water absorption, as well as protect your plants’ roots.

Terra Grow is used to give your plants the nitrogen needed to produce new cell walls, increasing the strength and thickness of their leaves, branches and stems. Your plants will grow strong and healthy.
Terra Bloom is used to give them a bit more phosphorus and potassium, with a high enough concentration so that your plants can grow successfully. Once the fattening phase arrives, you’ll need to use it alongside PK 13-14, a fattening product that increases the size of your plants’ buds.

Pure Zym is in charge of revitalizing your plants’ root system, decomposing dead roots and turning them into energy for your plants in the form of carbs. It’ll increase root growth, growing new ones where the old ones used to be, increasing nutrient absorption and substrate quality.

Plagron also has nutrient bases for those that prefer to grow in coco coir or hydroponically – all you need to do is use their Coco or Hydro A+B base fertilizer and use the rest of additives when needed. They also have pH acids so that you can adjust the pH in your nutrient mix.

They have various different types of additives that can help you to keep your plants healthy, such as Vita Race which increases growth speed and size. Fish Force is another growth stimulant that’s used via the roots, increasing trunk and stem size, as well as leaf color and thickness.

Whichever the range you choose, Plagron has a product for everyone! Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any queries and our team of experts will get back to you as soon as possible.