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Barney's Farm

Barney's Farm Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Barney's Farm is a Dutch seed bank that has received many awards all over the world for their work with seeds. They've been gathering native strains from every part of the world for more than 30 years and some of them are really unique and sought-after specimens. Currently, they keep on launching new varieties while still selling the classic ones. Some of their classic strains, such as Pineapple Chunk, has millions of fans from different parts of the planet.

Critical Cure CBD is a strain born from a Shantibaba a strain with a high content of CBD, crossed with a very productive Critical. It will reward us with very heavy and resinous buds, full of medicinal effects and a muddy taste. If you want to prevent branches from breaking under the heavy weight of the flowers, you'll have to train them. It will give a pleasant medicinal effect, relaxing and narcotic, ideal to ease the pain related to osteoporosis, arthritis or fibromialgia. 

Blue Cheese is one the most planted strains of the bank, not only for their high production -both indoors and outdoors- but because of its strength, quick blooming and precious bluish resin. If you do BHO extractions you'll see how the oil adopts that blue color that gives its name to the strain. Besides, it will produce an incredible amount, as it possess a truly impressive amount of resin. Indoors, it grows compact and with very thick buds at the edge of the branches. Outdoors, we will get a plant that will make people jealous. In addition, it is very easy to grow and even if you're an inexperienced grower you'll get a good yield.

Tangerine Dream is another of their colored resin strains. A layer of orangish and reddish trichomes will make your extracts adopt such shades, as the citric flavor of tangerine fills your mouth when smoking. With an indica dominance, it is quick to bloom and has an ideal height for indoor growing. It is short and doesn't have growth spurts if you set it to flower after 21 days. It will form thick and dense buds at the tips thanks to a perfectly uniform exposure to light. Outdoors, it will produce fantastic seasonal plants, approximately 2m high and full of attractive scents. You could get up to 700g from a single plant, so it is a reasonable option for growing on your balcony or terrace.

If you want to grow Dutch strains of maximum quality, Barney's Farm is one of the best options. Now you can get your seeds at a lower price, as we have permanent discounts on Barney's Farm. Besides, thanks to our detailed descriptions it will be easy for you to make your choice.