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Reflective Sheeting

Reflective films for cannabis growing

Reflective sheeting will make the light coming from our lighting systems and hitting into the walls bounce and go back to the plants, becoming usable and thus, decreasing "wasted light". There are several types of reflective plastics and foils on the market, and at we try to have each and every one of them, so you can find the one that suits you best.

The simplest one is the reflective "Panda plastic", also known as "Black and White Polymer". It is a classic and provides good reflection for quite cheap. It is 2m high and allow us to cover larger surfaces than other plastic materials. Its thickness is an additional positive feature, since it let us fix it to the walls with staples where it will stay in place and well tight.

Other type of reflective sheeting we sell is Diamond Eco foil which features a mirror shine. It reflects light very well, but has the drawback of being too thin, which makes attachment by stapling impossible and makes it necessary to use duct tape to put it in place. Otherwise, it provides really good results at a low cost.

Then, there is Diamond Mylar, one of the most reflective materials in our catalogue. The light that bounces off the wall or the one that is not reflected by the foil, ends up heating up the wall. As a result, our grow op becomes detectable for thermal cameras. This material features up to 97% reflectivity, so it prevents wall temperature from increasing and therefore, avoids potential detections by thermal cameras. This is an ideal option when we are controlling growing temperature, since if the room itself is hot, the heat will be detected all the same.

If your grow room is somehow hot, reflective plastic with insulation is the best product you can use. This type of plastic can be used to line the walls of your growing space and create an air chamber to separate the heated inside from the walls leading to the outside. Your garden will go unnoticed by thermal cameras all year round.

Whatever reflective material you are looking for, you will find it in our catalogue where all features are explained, so you know what you are buying and don't get any surprise by the time you receive it at home.